Sunday, July 7, 2013

Russell, Our Town

I took a ride today down Prairie Street in our beautiful little town of Russell, Iowa and took some pictures along the way.  The grass and trees are so green and flowers are abundant after the rains we have had. 

The Beaty Insurance Building (Southwest corner)
Shaw and Prairie Streets catch your eye as you see the beautiful new buildings on the southeast, the southwest, and the north-east corners.  

The Russell Museum and Library, The Beaty Insurance Building, and the Justin Fitzgerald and Amber Pollard home have brought the town into the 21st century.

The Russell Museum and Library Building (Southeast corner)

Justin and Amber Ftizgerald Home (Northeast corner)

Five of the last of the "Main Street" buildings are now apartments on the northwest corner of Prairie and Shaw.
Apartments (Northwest cormer)

Bandstand in the park

Looking around the square, the band-stand looks like it is waiting for an event to take place.  The area where Curious Goods used to be has been leveled and grass will soon  start to fill in.  

Post Office and Great Western Bank

The Post Office and the Bank stand out with the open area on the corner.

Last Chance Convenience Store
The Last Chance Convenience store is very important to the residents of Russell, not only for the convenience store, but for the delicious lunches they serve Monday through Friday.  Social activities take place on special occasions.

Russell Development Apartments
Across the street from Last Chance are the Russell Development Apartments for the Elderly.  These apartments are made of red brick and are very well maintained.  A real asset to the town of Russell.

Bob and Kathy Willits Home

On the corner of Prairie and Ames is Bob and Kathy Willits home.  A beautiful yellow house with white trim and a beautiful cared for yard.


Across the street from the Willits home is a brick duplex that has been continually rented for the last quarter century. Originally owned by Jack Prather.

Frances Prather's Home

On down Prairie street sits Frances Prather's home.  Her home is attractive and she works hard keeping her beautiful flowers blooming.  The lawn is always well groomed.

The First United Methodist Church sits a half block off Prairie Street to the east of Frances Prather's home.

Improvements continue to be made around town as Russell strives to improve its image.  You can't help but notice the Lucas County Maintenance building, just north of the bank, with its new coat of white paint.  Shriver Painting gets credit for the paint job they did.

I hope you enjoy this trip down Russell's main street through town. 

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