Thursday, August 7, 2014

Around Town August 12th

Russell Council Mini-minutes August 4, 2014

Upcoming Annual Best-in-Smoke BBQ Competition 
Along with The Annual Russell Fall Festival

   Russell Volunteer Fire Dept.'s Best in Smoke BBQ Competition will be September 12 &13, in Russell. Contact Shawn Werts at 641-203-3164 or for rules, sign-in sheet and other information.   The Fire Department requested the use of the bandstand from Friday 8-12 p.m. and Sat 1-3 p.m.   The Cookers will be setting up in the park Friday evening for the Annual Fire Dept. Smoke Off.  At 5 p.m. a dinner (with a free-will offering) will follow.
   The Fall Festival will be on Sept 13, also.  There will be a 4 p.m. parade.  A request was made to close Shaw St. for the garden tractor pulls that afternoon.  More information later.
   Sarah Peek asked about the bus stop location. The Mayor will contact Jay and will post signs around town where it will be located.
   The sealed bids for the property at 803 S. Prairie were opened. Terry Faulkner had the successful bid of $4444.56. Two other bids were submitted with one bid of $2071.00 and the other bid of $1330.00. The Mayor made the suggestion that the money from the sale of 803 S. Prairie be put into a fund to be used to clean up other properties in town. Fees required for the transfer of the property will come out of money from the sale.
   Vicki Jordan had questions on when she can close the street for her events. It was approved to allow Harley Haven to block the west end of Short Street on Friday night after 8 p.m. before the events on August 9, Sept. 6 and Sept. 27 until 10 a.m. the following Sunday.
     Craig Gooder reported a grant has been submitted to the Vredenburg Foundation for the resurfacing of the tennis court. Results should be heard in a couple weeks. 
   Scott McGee will be repairing the area of pavement on South Prairie on Wednesday(6th) so the street will be blocked off during that time... A water leak was found and repaired. Larry is putting 
root killer in some of the sewer drains. Craig Alexander gave estimate of what it would cost for the pipe to replace the drain that runs east on Shaw and south of Pollards. The costs are as follows; 12" pipe 5.50/ft, 15" pipe 7.57/ft, 18" 10.58/ft.   Installation is price of the pipe times two or three.
   Duane said the DNR recommends we exercise the valves yearly and flush the mains on a scheduled basis.
   There was discussion on getting a grant to purchase a generator for the Community building, as it is our emergency shelter. Susan has documents from the USDA that need to be filled out and sent in to begin the application process for the grant money.
   Duane checked on shingle material for replacing the roof of the shelter at the volleyball court.
   The council asked for Duane to check on cost for metal roofing. Larry will ask Scott McGee to see what it will cost for concrete from the north bandstand steps out to the sidewalk.  Duane checked on paint to repaint the curbs uptown. We can get the paint from the City of Chariton for around $50 a gallon.
   Council members present were Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, Crystal Moore, Duane Bedford,
along with Ed Scheel, Mayor, and City Clerk - Wendy Nickell.  Jay Pierschbacher was absent. Also attending was city employee Larry Mitchell and Fire Chief Craig Alexander.  Visitors were Jerry Dillman, Sarah Peek, Craig Gooder, Chris
   Due to the Labor Day Holiday, the next meeting will be on Monday, September 8 at 7pm.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Around Town Aug 5th

Russell News August 5

Around Town
                First Baptist Church in Russell will be hosting a clothing swap on TUESDAY, AUGUST 5TH from 12-8 p.m.
There will clothing in all sizes, and all items will be FREE!! If you would like to donate gently used items for the swap, please drop them off  at the church.  Contact Emily at 515.249.6651 with any questions.
Sand Volleyball Fun
Every Sunday  evening around 5 o'clock, the group called the Dirty South, meet over at the volleyball court by the railroad tracks in Russell and play some volleyball.  They sometimes bring hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. and grill out,  and just go to have a great time.  Everyone is invited to come and join in the fun.  This group would welcome all the new players that might be interested to come and play or just watch. The whole family is invited and the children have a great time of meeting new friends and also having fun.  So come one and all and see what the game of volleyball is all about at the Russell Court. You need not be from Russell, the people from   surrounding communities are invited.  (It is good to see the court being used.)
August Calendar
Tue, Aug 5, 6 p.m. American Legion/Auxiliary meeting at the Community Cent                
Tue, Aug 5, Clothing Swap at the Baptist Church 12-8 p.m.
Wed, Aug 6, 6:30 p.m. Methodist Church Night Owls with Gus Harlan hostess/lesson.
Thu, Aug 7-17,  Iowa State Fair
Mon, Aug 11, 7 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Trap shoot
Tue, Aug 12, 6:30 p.m. Russell Sportsmen’s Club will conduct an Iowa Permit-to-Carry class at the Education Building southwest of Russell.  The course takes approximately two and a half hours and is required before receiving an Iowa permit.  This is the last class planned for this year.  For more information or to register, call Dan at 641-203-5296.
Sun, Aug 17, 2 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club, Any caliber handgun
Mon, Aug 18, Chariton School begins for the 2014-2015 school year. Watch for youngsters around buses.
Mon, Aug 18, Wayne Community School begins classes for the 2014-2015 school year.
Mon, Aug 18, 5:15 p.m. Russell Museum Board meeting
Mon, Aug 25, 1:15 p.m. Russell News Committee at the Museum, everyone welcome
Mon, Aug 25, 7 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Trap shoot
Thu, Aug 28, 6:30 p.m. Community Club meeting at the Community Center.


For Lucas County information try their blog at

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Around Town

As you drive through Russell, especially the length of Prairie Street, you can see many beautiful, well-kept yards with an abundance and wide variety of flowers.  From the triangle as you enter from the north all the way to the south, it is evident people care.  There are many other yards in Russell that are equally appealing.  We wish to thank those who make Russell beautiful and especially those who do the Russell sign areas and the triangle.  It is noticed.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Russell City Council Meeting July 8th

   The city approved the motion by Dana with second by Susan to advertise for sale the property at 803 S. Prairie by sealed bid with reserve price on the property.  Motion carried 5-0.  The ad will be run in the July 15 and 22 issues of the Chariton Newspaper.
   On a motion by Dana with second by Jay the cigarette licenses for Harley Haven, Last Chance and the Southside were approved.  Motion carried 5-0.
   Duane made the motion with second by Jay to approve the request from the resident at 213 W. Ames to have a tree removed by Paige Tree Services west of the hall.  Motion Carried 5-0.  The city requires a copy of the liability insurance from Paige Tree Services, which the clerk will obtain from Beaty Insurance.
   Police Chief Jeff Johnson reports that the city police car is having some electrical issues.  He will have it looked at to determine if a new battery is needed.  The council approved that purchase if needed.  Jeff will do a follow up on the five properties that received junk and debris letters and will proceed with filing charges if warranted.
   Larry will get prices on new chains for the dump truck.  Scott McGee will be repairing the pavement on S. Prairie sometime this month, weather permitting.  Larry will get another load of cold patch when time permits.
   Dana made the motion with second by Jay for Larry to attend a free water operations class on July 16th in Newton.  Motion carried 5-0.
   On a motion by Duane with second by Crystal, it was approved to send a letter to a resident that we will certify his unpaid utility bill to his property taxes, if not paid within 30 days.  Motion carried 5-0.
   A resident is willing to offer a sum of money to help take down a property in town.
  Craig Gooder is still looking into grants for resurfacing the tennis court.
  The city will request a local business bring a schedule of events to city hall.
   New business - Crystal talked with Michelle Moore at the USDA regarding possible funds for sewer improvements.  The council approved for her to pursue this issue.  
   The Mayor asked Susan to check into grants to purchase a generator for the community building and get prices on propane generators.
   The neighborhood watch committee purchased and donated 2 new plastic tables for the community building.  A newer wood table was also donated.  Larry took three of the worst tables down to the shop to see if they can be repaired.
   A resident needs to make monthly payments of $300 a month until he is caught up on his agreement with the city.
   City Council members in attendance:  Duane Bedford, Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, Crystal Moore and Jay Pierschbacher.  Also in attendance were  Police Chief Jeff Johnson, Fire Chief Craig Alexander and City employee Larry Mitchell.  Visitor:  Craig Gooder arrived at 7:50 p.m.
   Jay made a motion the meeting be adjourned at 8:45 p.m.
   The next scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, August 4th at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Russell Wayside Garden Club

   The Garden Club changed their plans and didn't have a picnic for their outing in July.  Instead, they went to eat lunch at the Charitone Hotel.  Pat Blue joined them and they had a nice visit.  After lunch Pat showed them her new apartment in the hotel.
   There is no meeting in August, as the 4-H Fair will be going on then.  Our September meeting will be at Jackie Andrews' home on September 2 at 2:00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome at our meetings.  Call Ginger at
 535-2023 if you would like to join the Garden Club or attend a meeting.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Russell News for July 1st

Around Town

   The annual (2014-2015) election for the Russell (Iowa) Historical Society Officers was held recently and the following are now on the Board of Directors - President: Terry Newcomb; Vice-President:  Terry Elmore; Secretary:  Duane Bedford; Treasurer:  Jacque Chester.  Other Board members are Betty Cross, Joe Gookin, Wanda Liddell and Ed Sellers.
   Be sure to stop in and check out a book, videos, DVD's, use the Internet and browse the many acquisitions in the Museum and find out more history of the Russell are and your relatives.
   Eight elderly citizens of the Russell Development apartments are again enjoying potted tomato plants gifted to them.  You can see them as yoiu drive by the apartment buildings.  The senior residents need only to water, nurture and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Later this summer they will be enjoying delicious big red tomatoes.

Friday, June 20, 2014

News for this Blog

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Story Time

Around Town
                We regret announcing the Story Time at the Museum has been discontinued due to lack of interest.  
Reminder-First Baptist Summer  Wednesday evening kids program. 7-8  p.m until August 20.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Russell Fire Department Received Governor's Volunteer Award - 20 years Ago

This article appeared in the Herald-Patriot on June 5, 2014 in the Years and Years ago column by Ursula Bingham

The Russell Volunteer Fire Department received the Governor's Volunteer Award.  The Russell VFD taught fire safety at the Russell School each year and provided tours of the fire station as well as many other community volunteer activities.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Council Meeting June 2, 2014

Mini Council Minutes
June 2, 2014
Craig Gooder is seeking funds to resurface the tennis court. Council instructed him to proceed .  The weeds have been removed.  Duane and Craig will patch the crack in the meantime.
Larry Templeton is asking on behalf of Sarah Peek if concrete tiles could be used to divert water to the culvert and alleviate the buildup of water in her horse pasture.  Our city employee with go look at the issue...Susan asks that ditches be cleaned out on Chapman and Garfield. Water backs up and eventually floods Smith St.... Mr. Templeton shared a letter from the DNR regarding his race track. He will not proceed with doing anything with his semi-trailer until the council has checked the area he is referencing and give their approval.
Fire Department- can city pay half of door openers on the first 3 bay doors of the original building. Kevin Tanner-donation of $200. City approved $800....The annual Fall Festival will be on Saturday September 13... The AED grant allows a key-less entry to be installed on one of the community building doors, a person could call 911 and dispatch would give the PIN code to access the AED.  The council agreed to have a key-less entry on the south door.
Street Department-Larry found 1100-1200 ft. of 12” clay bell storm drain pipe that needs cleaned out from Shaw east and then into field to the south.   Craig Alexander will get some tiling prices.
Water/Waste water-a large amount of water goes through lagoon during times of heavy rain, it was decided to stay with current contract with Utility Service Group for maintenance of the water tower.  
Parks and rec-The roof on the shelter house at the volleyball court needs replacing. We will be needing concrete for repair on Prairie St and possibly put a sidewalk from the north steps of bandstand to the main sidewalk. No action taken on this issue at this time. Ideal Ready mix will not charge us for delivery.
Old business-The council wants the businesses to abide by Police Chief Jeff Johnson recommendation that bands stop playing by 1am. The trailers for the bands must be moved from blocking any street by 10 a.m. the next morning.
New business-council approved a resident to match the paint color with the concrete color to paint over yellow paint on street curb. He has had no success with trying to remove the paint with paint stripper.
The neighborhood watch group wants to donate the funds in that account to use for new tables for the Community Building. Susan will get prices on tables.
The 4-H group is looking for some service projects around town, the council approved the 4-H group to paint the outside trash cans at the Community Building and at the Park uptown, do weeding at the volleyball court and paint the lattice around the Bandstand.
Duane Bedford, Mayor Pro Tem called the meeting to order. Council Members present were Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, Crystal Moore, and Jay Pierschbacher, and Wendy Nickell, City Clerk. Mayor Ed Scheel was absent.  Also in attendance- city employee Larry Mitchell and Fire Chief Craig Alexander. Visitors were Craig Gooder, Vicki Jordan, Jake Rodgers, Shanna Rodgers, Larry Templeton, Kevin Tanner and Daryl Nine,
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Monday July 7.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Story Time at the LIbrary cancelled


Story Time Arrives Again! 

The Museum will be offering story time again this summer beginning this Friday, June 6 at 1 p.m. for ages 4-7. Craig Gooder will be again sharing treasures of literature. See you there.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Baptist Church Mission Adventure Kids

Starting Wednesday, June 4th through August 20th from 7-8 p.m., the First Baptist Church will be holding a summer Wednesday evening kids program called Mission Adventures.  Kids are invited to travel the world this summer as they study missionary adventures of the past and present!  Kids will earn a stamp in their passport for each night they are present, games and snacks from all over the world will be enjoyed by everyone attending.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reminder- Russell City-Wide Garage Sale

Reminder-Russell City-Wide Garage Sale

  June 7, 8-noon, The Russell City-Wide Garage Sale. Please notify Roberta (535-4191) or Wanda (535-4361) to get on the map. 

  The Museum will be offering beefburgers, hot dogs, chips and a dessert for sale. 
  If you don't want to do your own sale, the Museum will accept donations for their sale.

  The Russell Wayside Garden Club will also be having their annual plant sale at the same time in front of the museum.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Council Meeting on May 13th

Council Meeting Mini-Minutes

  Regarding the property at 803 S Prairie, Ray Meyer explained the deed Wells Fargo is giving the property to the City of Russell. This is not a standard deed. It is somewhat like a quit claim deed. The city will put the property up for bids when all paperwork is completed and the city has complete ownership.  On a motion by Duane with second by Dana, the city will accept the property at 803 S. Prairie from Wells Fargo Bank. 
  The second reading of Ordinance 141 regarding charges for meter-repairs was approved on a motion by Dana and second by Susan.  Dana made the motion to waive the third reading.
  Willis Chambers-introduced himself and is running for Lucas Co Sheriff. He would appreciate any votes on June 3.
  It was discussed that all businesses in town need to give the council a schedule of events.  There was a trailer that was across the west end of Short St and was still blocking the street until 3:45 p.m. the next day.  The council will compile a list of requirements for any business that has outdoor activities to follow.  
  Fire Chief Craig Alexander gave the Fire Department report. They have been awarded a SCICF grant to buy pumps and motors for the grass trucks. Craig received pricing to put openers on the three bay doors of the original building at a approximate cost of $2400. He asked if the city could pay half of the cost. No decision was made.
  Street repairs are ongoing. A repair was done on a sinkhole on South Prairie, a water leak that wasn't tamped properly. It will be repaired after trucks have driven over the area for 2-3 weeks. The Mayor will approach Scott McGee about doing the cement repair to the street.
  There was a lengthy discussion about blocked culverts on E Shaw, Chapman and Garfield that causes water to go over the road. Kevin Tanner will check with Chariton City manager to see if Russell can rent the jetter the City of Chariton has to use to open up blocked culverts.
  Kevin Tanner asked about procedure to get water in his shop.
  There is needed repair to the curb at the post office and also to repaint that area.
  Craig Gooder asked about abandoned properties and if that issue will be addressed. Jeff Johnson explained how derelict/abandoned properties are addressed in Chariton.  The Mayor asked the Jeff to compile a list of properties that need to be mowed.
  Council members present were Crystal Moore, Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, and Duane Bedford. Jay Pierschbacher was absent. Others in attendance were Ray Meyer; City employee Larry Mitchell; Police chief Jeff Johnson and Fire chief Craig Alexander. Visitors were Sarah Peek; Larry Templeton; Penny Stouwie; Kevin Tanner; Willis Chambers; Dave Hager; Marilyn Evans; Corey Paige; Pat Conway; James Stewart and Craig Gooder.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Monday June 2 at 7pm.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Around Town May 20th

A correction is being made to an article in last week's news.  It was Mark McCurdy who went on the Mission trip to Africa.  My apology.
Russell City Wide Garage Sale
The Russell City Wide Garage Sale is set for June 7, the same day as Chariton's, from 8 a.m. to noon.  Please notify Robert (535-4191) or Wanda (535-4361) to get on the map.
If you don't want to do your own sale but have objects you would like to get rid of, the Museum will accept donations for their sale.  
The Russell Wayside Garden Club will also be having their annual plant sale at the same time in front of the museum.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Around Town May 13

Around Town

           Congratulations to the following Russell area 
High School Graduates:

From Wayne Community High School: 
Faith  Sibert, will be attending Indian Hills Community College, 
Kelly McCurdy, enrolled at AIB 
Lorenzo Baker-Martinez will attend Grand View University in Des Moines.  
From Chariton Community High School:
Chasen Blue will enroll at Graceland 
George Collins is selecting between Indian Hills or DMACC 
Madison Feehan will attend Iowa School of Beauty 
Dusty Simmons is enrolled at Indian Hills 
Stephen McCurdy is enrolled at William Penn University
Alex Reynolds plans include attending Indian Hills  
(If any of this is in error or we have omitted anyone we apologize and urge you to  contact us and we will print corrections. (e-mail or call 641-535-2402)
Area Medical Personnel on Mission Trip to Africa
  On May 5th , Mark McCurdy departed with a group of EMT’s, firefighters, nurses and other medical professionals on a mission to Zambia, Africa. They will be gone for ten days to help the community of Kalele, Zambia. He has a objective of getting an updated fire engine to the community and helping to train the firefighters in Kalele, Zambia on how to use the fire engine. The group will work with the local EMT’s and help develop efforts to treat patients in the field and in the local hospital.
Russell Museum/Library Thanks Community
  The Russell Museum/Library  wishes to thank the community for their support in a successful breakfast fundraiser held on May 3.  Over half of the bill for the furnace repair was met. If you haven't ever been there, come see what your local volunteers are doing to provide service to the community.
  Wednesday, May 28th ,  6:30 p.m. First Baptist Church will  be holding a closing program for Kids4Truth. Each class will be performing, kids will be promoted,  and they will also be kicking off  VBS . Refreshments will be served after the program. Parents are encouraged to attend as well as others who may be interested in joining next year.
For Lucas County information try their blog at: 
If you have comments or suggestions for this column, please e-mail or call 641-535-2402.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Russell News April 29

Saturday, May 3rd, Russell Clean-up Day, 8 a.m. to noon, $15 for car or pick-up load. There will be a scrap person taking these items at cleanup day. He will accept for free: washer and dryers, refrigerators (must be empty of all food), air conditioners, small propane tanks, water heaters, stoves and computer towers (no monitors or TV's). Country trash will take TV’s -$10.00 each, computer monitors $10.00 each and standard size tires $5.00. 

Also on Saturday, May 3, 7:30 to 10 a.m.  The Russell Museum will be holding a breakfast fundraiser at the Museum to help pay for repairs on the furnace/air conditioner. Items available will be pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, juice, coffee and rolls. This is a free-will offering. Come enjoy the meal and fellowship on your way to the Russell Clean-up Day that morning.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Russell News April 22

Museum Hours Revisited, Again!

Due to illness of our faithful worker, Grace, the Museum will be open only on Monday from 1-3, Wednesday from 2-5 and Friday 2-5 until further notice. We wish her well in her treatment and recovery.
Council Meeting Highlights
April 7, 2014

The first reading of Ordinance 141 regarding charges for meter repairs was approved. The second reading will be at the next scheduled council meeting.
Members of the Russell Community Club were in attendance to discuss the sewer dump station at the campground. According to city ordinance, The Community Club is responsible for all sewer lines from their property line plus 100’.
The Chariton Schools did not hire a bus monitor for Russell. Jay will take on the bus stop project and come up with an acceptable site by the beginning of next school year.
A property line issue was determined to be a civil issue, not a city issue. A resident was instructed to call the law center with any dog issues. There is complaint of a semi-trailer and signage on his property. He was asked to bring all his permits and licenses to city hall so the city can be assured he has the correct documentation to act as a business.
A resident wants to move a 1948 Kaiser from their garage so they can have room for their business. Resident was instructed that the car needs to be licensed before it can be parked outside.
Cody Carroll was approved as a member of the fire department.. Jim Carroll will be retiring from the department after 54 years of service. The city sincerely thanks him for his dedicated service to the community.
Larry is working to repair the streets. It was approved to hire Stan McDonald to work on getting our gravel streets into better shape.
Gene Wright’s higher bid for the hay ground was approved.
The election to determine how our local option will be disbursed is on Tuesday May 6. Be sure and vote!
Council members in attendance were Susan Beecher, Duane Bedford, Crystal Moore, Dana Blue and Jay Pierschbacher . Others in attendance were city employee Larry Mitchell and Fire Chief Craig Alexander. Visitors in attendance were Clare Davis, Robert and Sharon McCurdy, Deb Mason, Sarah Peek, Larry Templeton, Karen Werts, Brain Beaty and Jesse Clark, along with Mayor Ed Scheel and City Clerk Wendy Nickell.
Please note that the next council meeting will be on Tuesday May 13 at 7pm.

Saturday, May 3rd, Russell Clean-up Day, 8 a.m. to noon, $15 for car or pick-up load. There will be a scrap person taking these items at cleanup day. He will accept for free: washer and dryers, refrigerators (must be empty of all food), air conditioners, small propane tanks, water heaters, stoves and computer towers (no monitors or TV's).
Country trash will take TV’s $10.00 each, computer monitors $10.00 each and standard size tires $5.00.
Saturday, May 3, 7:30 to 10 a.m. The Museum will be holding a breakfast fundraiser at the Museum to help pay for repairs on the the furnace/air conditioner. Items available will be pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, juice, coffee and rolls. This is a free-will offering. Come enjoy the meal and fellowship on your way to the Russell Clean-up Day that morning.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Russell Sale Barn Lunchroom Revival

It is hard for anyone from Russell, Iowa to try and tell people from other parts of Iowa just where you are from or where Russell, Iowa really is. Sometimes we have to say you have probably heard of Chariton, Iowa.
Then in your talking with them you mention the Russell Sale Barn (now known as the Russell Livestock Market) it seems like most people come alive and say, oh yes, we have heard of that or yes, we have been there many times.
So when the kitchen at the Russell Sale Company was gutted by fire in October, 2013 everyone around the area was very sad. Most all farmers around this area have sold livestock at this sale barn for years. The sales kept going on but the food was very limited through out the winter months.
So when we started seeing a structure being built next to the barn we were very excited. The new kitchen and dining area opened on March 31, 2014. It has a large modern kitchen, and a large dining area where you can sit and watch the sale going on a TV as you eat your lunch . They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if the sale goes late in the evening) which includes sandwiches of all kinds, a special of the day, and of course pie. The kitchen is only open on sale days and also on any day they are having a special sale.
We, in the Russell area, would to say a big THANK YOU to Tony & Meshara Ballanger, Shawn and Jana Murphy, the owners of the Russell Livestock Market, for all your hard work. We know that Russell will stay on the map with the sale barn being so popular.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Russell Historical Society Museum and LIbrary News

Have you checked out the Russell Museum/Library lately?  There are newer books available in the Library and Grace has put out some attractive displays and has more planned.  Internet access is still available along with other media.  There are on-going new items on display in the Museum, thanks to contributions from the community. 
New hours for the building are:  Monday 1-5, Tuesday 2-5, Wednesday 1-5, Thursday closed, Friday 2-5 and Saturday 10-3.  The hours the museum/library is open is based on volunteer availability.

On Saturday, May 3rd from 7:30 to 10 a.m., the Museum will be holding a breakfast fundraiser at the Museum/Library to help pay for repairs on the furnace/air conditioner.  Items available will be pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, juice, coffee and rolls.  Free-will offering will be accepted.
Come enjoy the meal and fellowship on your way to the Russell Clean-up day that morning.  
Russell Clean-up day, 8 a.m. to noon, $15 for car or pick-up truck load.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Russell Fire Department's Annual Ham Dinner

The Russell Fire Department will hold their annual ham dinner on Saturday, April 19th from 4:30-7:00 p.m at the Russell Community Center.  This is their fundraiser and meals are $9.  If you would like a home delivery, call Brian Beaty at 641-203-3217 or the Community Center that afternoon at  641-535-4737.
The Volunteer Fire Department is an essential part of the community and deserves our ongoing support.  Please show up to thank them and bolster their efforts.

Around Town April 1

The Russell Volunteer Fire Department will hold their annual ham supper fundraiser on Saturday, April 19 at 4:30 p.m. at the Community Center. For delivery call Brian at 641-203-3217 or the Community Center that afternoon at 535-4737.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Around Town March 25th

The Carroll family would like to thank everyone who participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was a beautiful day and there was a large crowd of spectators as well as many parade participants, including organizations, businesses, churches and 2 Fire Departments. Brandon Carroll led the parade in his Purple Heart Marine truck which was presented to him by the Wounded Warriors program.

Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The parade will be, Saturday, March 15 at noon.  Entries will line up west of the bank.  Everyone is invited to enter the parade or participate as an onlooker.  An Irish breakfast will be served beginning at 9 a.m. in the Southside Dining Room.  We encourage everyone to celebrate their heritage whether it is Irish or other.

Winners of their chili-cook-off were: 
1st place-Piperman, 2nd place - Ashley Bedford, 3rd place - Jo Carroll.  We appreciate all seven who entered and congratulate them on their originality and culinary skills.

Around Town March 18th

Highlights to Council Meeting, March 3, 2014

Mayor Ed Sheel called the budget hearing to order at 7 p.m.  Duane Bedford made the motion to accept the FY2015 budget as printed with a second by Dana Blue.  Motion carried 4-0.
The Mayor called the regular meeting to order at 7:03 pm.  
Police Chief Jeff Johnson informed the council that Officer Luke Rich had not been able to be down here due to them being short-handed in Chariton.  He didn't know if Officer Rich would be putting in any more hours here.  Chief Johnson thought he could cover the needed hours himself.
Mike Beaty gave the council an update on the City's Insurance Policy.  Total premium is $11,575 with Workmens' Compensation Premium, $7,500, making a yearly total of $19,212.  The representative from McCune and Reed Insurance did not show up for the meeting.  The Council approved a motion to remain with Beaty Insurance for the City's insurance needs.  Carried 4-0.
The Fire Department will have their annual Ham Supper on Saturday April 19th.
Several parents were in attendance to talk about the bus stop situation.  It was requested that the parents get on the agenda for the next Chariton School board meeting and express the need for a bus monitor in Russell.  When the bus stop was on Shaw St., damage was done to the bandstand that cost the city quite a bit of money for repairs.  There have been no damages to the bandstand since the bus stop was moved.  A school bus monitor will need to be hired before the council will consider moving the bus stop back to Shaw St.
The streets will be an ongoing repair situation.  The winter ice, snow and frost  causes a lot of damage. Residents will need to be patient until the streets dry at which time our city employee will make the needed repairs.  Trying to repair streets when they are soft and muddy is futile.
Duane made the motion with second by Susan to approve Larry to attend a water distribution conference on March 12 in Newton.  Motion carried 4-0.
The Mayor will take a look at the culvert on E. Shaw, as water is blocked and doesn't drain, to see what type of work needs to be done to correct the situation.
Ryan Atwell spoke to the council about the Community Club putting in a dump station at the campgrounds.  There was discussion about who is responsible to get the sewer to the property line.  The Mayor will check ordinances and let Mike Beaty know.
The Council approved a request for Beaty Insurance to redo a portion of sidewalk in front of their building.  
Susan made a motion to send letters to attorneys to find out their fees.  Seconded by Duane.  Motion carried 4-0.
Also approved 4-0, was the purchase of safety supplies for our city employees, including a chainsaw helmet and chaps, to be worn when using the chainsaw.
The city will put an ad in the paper for bids on the city hay ground.  Larry has vacation scheduled so Duane or the Mayor will read meters in June.
Clean up day is Saturday, May 3rd from 8-noon.  Susan made the motion to increase the charge to $15 per car or pickup load. Dana seconded it.  Motion carried 4-0.
On a motion by Susan with a scond by Duane, Resolution 2014-06 was approved.  This will increase the rental for the COmmunity building by $5 per room.  The north room rent will be $55 and the south room rent will be $35.  The total building rent will be $90.  New fees will begin April 1, 2014.  Motion carried 4-0.
Council members in attendance were Duane Bedford, Susan Beecher, Dana Blue and Crystal Moore along with Mayor Ed Scheel and City Clerk Wendy Nickell.  Jay Pierschbacher was absent.  Police Chief Jeff Johnson and Fire Chief Craig Alexander were also in attendance.  Visitors were Ryan Atwell, Brian Beaty, Mike Beaty, Jesse Clark, Corey Paige, Sarah Peek, Niki Shounkwiler and Larry Templeton.
The next meeting will be on Monday April 7, 2014.
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Around Town March 11th

Around Town

The Russell Community welcomes new faces, Jessica at the Post Office and Beth at the bank. Jessica will be working on Saturday from 8-10 a.m. Beth is at the bank from 9-noon Monday -Friday. New faces, new friends. 

Put on your calendar; Saturday, May 3, Russell City-wide clean-up and Tuesday, May 6, Russell City election. 

March Calendar

Tuesday, March 11, SHARE sign-up, call Joann at 535-2601. Packages for March include the Best Value package, produce, meat only, breakfast slider, pork chop box, steak strips, seafood box, Farmland spiral ham and other specialty items. Pick-up is Saturday, March 29. 

Saturday, March 15, Breakfast at 9 a.m., Southside Dining Room, St. Patrick's Day parade at noon 

Saturday, March 15, 5-7 p.m. Homemade soup, salads and pies supper at United Methodist church. Everyone is welcome.

Sunday March 16, 2 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Turkey gun sight-in and match

Monday, March 17, 5:15 p.m. Museum Board Meeting 

Saturday, March 22, Pheasants Forever (a supporter of Russell Sportsman's Club) Fund-raising Banquet at Carpenter Hall, doors open at 5:30, supper at 7 p.m. 

Thursday, March 27, 6:30 p.m. Russell Community Club meeting at the Community Center 

Sunday March 30, 2 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Handgun instruction clinic 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Around Town - February 25th

City Council Meeting February 3rd
1.  The Southside Liquor license was approved along with Delores Carroll's request to have the St. Patrick's Day parade on March 15th at noon and to have the street blocked off on that day.
2.  Discussions:
     a.  A report was given on the progress for the culvert repair on South Prairie.  There was discussion about responsibility for care and maintenance of that portion of highway.  
     b.  Also discussion took place regarding junk vehicles and trailers on private property.  
     c.  Street repair needs to be done on South Prairie over some of the manhole covers.
     d.  The West Ames leak has re-appeared.  
     e.  A chlorine test on the water will be done to determine if it is a water leakage or waste water. 
   f.  A fee of $35 per call and $35 per hour after initial fee plus parts or new meter to fix any water meters that are the resident's responsibility to keep from damage or freezing.
3.  Clean up day will be on Saturday May 3 from 8 a.m. to noon.
Council members in attendance were Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, Crystal Moore and Duane Bedford, along with Ed Scheel,  Mayor; Wendy Nickel, City Clerk; Larry Mitchell, City Employee.  Jay Pierschbacher was absent.  Also in attendance was Delores Carroll, visitor. 
4.  The next meeting will be on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.   The Budget Hearing will be held prior to the regular council meeting.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Russell Volunteer Fire Department Texas Hold 'Em Tournament

The Russell Volunteer Fire Department presents a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament on January 25, 2014.  The tournament starts at 7:00p.m. at the Russell Community Center.
There is a fee for buy-in.  Cash Pay Back.  If you have any questions please call Brian at 203-3217, Chris at 203-0951 or Shawn at 203-3164.

Around Town January 21

Russell City Council Highlights 

January 9, 2014 7 p.m. 

(Postponed from January 6-weather related)

The first meeting for the year 2014 led to the department heads as follows; Duane Bedford-Parks and Recreation, Jay Pierschbacher -Streets, Susan Beecher-Community Building, Crystal Moore-Water/Waste water and Dana Blue-Police. The appointment of Duane as Mayor pro tem was approved. 

Resolution Directing the Acceptance of a Proposal to Purchase $60,000 General Obligation Capital Loan was approved, after receiving no written or oral objections.

Also, the council approved levying a tax to pay the notes.

A Resolution passed to hold a Special Election on May 6, 2014 to change our Local Option money disbursement to 60% road use and 40% General Fund for General Municipal purpose.

The council department heads are:  Duane-Parks and Rec.; Jay-Streets; Susan-Community Bldg; Crystal-Water/Waste-water and Dana-Police.  The council approved the appointment of Duane Bedford as Mayor Pro Tem.

The motion to approve the second reading of the Electric Franchise Fee (to replace loss of funding) was approved. Motion was approved to waive the 3rd reading. 

Harley Haven liquor license was approved. Vickie Jordan spoke about having a poker run in May to benefit one of the non-profit organizations in our community.  More about this in the future.

Chris Knust has retired from the FD. We greatly appreciate His dedication to the Russell Volunteer Fire Department these past many years. 

There have been several water leaks with the severe cold. Larry will get more parts to have on hand in case future needs. 

The South Prairie project (replacing the tube) was rejected by FEMA. The City is appealing that decision. FEMA did approve replacing the culvert on South Main. 

Council members present for the meeting were Duane Bedford, Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, Crystal Moore and Jay Pierschbacher, along with Ed Scheel, Mayor and Wendy Nickell, City Clerk. 

Others were city employee Larry Mitchell and Fire Chief Craig Alexander. Visitors were Vickie Jordan. 

There was some discussion about legal counsel.

The next meeting will be on February 3, 2014 at 7 p.m.