Friday, July 10, 2020

July City Council Minutes

City of Russell
Council Meeting
July 6, 2020
Present:  Mayor Chris Feehan, Casey DeHoedt, Terry Newcomb, Jay Pierschbacher, Robert Smith, City Maintenance Supervisor Jim Larrington and City Clerk, Cindy Smith.
Mayor Feehan called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Guest Jodi Hilsabeck joined us via speaker phone as she was unable to attend the meeting in person.  Jodi is with Midwest Assistance Program, who will be providing us a vulnerability emergency response plan that is required for the new sewer project.  She explained how this will be paid through the federal grant division and that the city will not be charged for this plan. 
Casey DeHoedt motioned to proceed with Midwest Assistance Program to provide us the vulnerability emergency response plan.  This motion was seconded by Jay Pierschbacher.
Aye – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion Passed Jodi will meet with Cindy Smith and Jim Larrington to get the information necessary for her to present to her board for approval.
Council was then joined via speaker phone with Attorney Michael Carpenter to review where we are regarding our ordinances as they will now be assisting the city on legal issues.  The ordinance’s will be revitalized by code section and then we will be going through each section every month and adding fines as needed to these ordinances. 
Council then reviewed the minutes from the June 1, 2020 meeting.  Jay Pierschbacher motioned to approve the minutes from the June 1, 2020 meeting and this motion was seconded by Robert Smith.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion passed.
Council then reviewed minutes from the June 16, 2020 meeting.  Casey DeHoedt motioned to approve the minutes from the June 16, 2020 meeting and this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion passed.
There was a brief discussion on final number for fiscal year 2019/2020 and review of the income and expenses for June.  Terry Newcomb motioned to approve the income and expenses for June 2020 and this motion was seconded by Robert Smith.
Aye’s – All approved
Nay’s – None
Motion passed.
Police Report – Council was presented a resume’ for junk and debris ordinance officer.   Mayor Feehan also presented to the council a contract that we could work with ADLM regarding ordinance enforcement.  ADLM would work as needed and then turn all their documentation over to our attorney for area’s that are not compliant.  Casey DeHoedt motioned to go into a contract with ADLM and this motion was seconded by Robert Smith.
Aye’s – All approved
Nay’s – None
Motion passed.  Mayor Feehan will proceed with the necessary requirement to contract with ADLM.
Fire Report – Mayor Feehan provided the report for the fire department.  The fire convention for the state of Iowa has been canceled due to the covid virus.  The fire department therefore will not be holding their annual BBQ cookoff this fall.  They will however be providing a drive through dinner on September 19th 2020.
Mayor Feehan also noted that 6 firefighters have been in training for their Firefighter 1 certification and will be taking the final test in the month of July.
Water / Wastewater report – Supervisor Jim Larrington reported that the replacement pipe in the water tower has been completed.  Some additional repairs were completed as the original pipe was buried and connected incorrectly and had to have an 8’ section of additional piping replaced.  They also replaced some electrical heat tape and added more insulation for winter freezing.  We have had issues in the last 2 year’s and this should help with this issue occurring as well.  Rathbun water also replaced some equipment with upgrades in the tower.  Our water loss for the month of June was at 38% and some of this was due to the draining of the tower and the leaking that was occurring.  Jim did note that his daily water usage reading has gone down from 28,000 gal a day to 22,000 gal a day so our loss should also be down in July.
The lagoon had a sludge dredge test, samples have been sent to the lab for testing and when received Garden and Associates will complete their report.  All three (3) cells 18” to 2’ full, all are evenly formed but will need to be dredged.  When Jim was with the engineer, it was noted that the road to the lagoon will need to be moved with a new larger gate for the equipment to gain access to the lagoon.
Street report – Supervisor Jim Larrington has spoke with LL Pelling and the are looking at the end of the month for the repair of Ames St./State St. intersection repair.  Crocker street road has the new culverts in driveways as needed and ditch repairs to stop water runoff.  Road will be reshaped (crowned) and rock added then this repair will be complete. This will now allow the road to drain correctly.  Jim will also rework the ditches up to the intersection by the old school property.
Reiken Concrete will be scheduling to lift the road on Prairie Street near the Atwell Street intersection as it is starting to dip and will cause further damage if not repaired. 
Need to order new flags as some of the flags have become weathered.  There is money in the budget to renew flags or add flags every year.
Hydro Klean is working on getting us onto their schedule to locate storm sewers along East Shaw Street where the road has eroded to determine where the storm drains go and where/if they are broken.  Jim is also working with the phone company as they have marked fiber cable running where work will need to be completed.
Old Business: 
Larry Templeton’s National Race that he had seemed to be well ran and there were no issues and he is anticipating that this may become a yearly event for him.  With the weather and covid they did not need to use the football field as he had anticipated.
Land by the cemetery, Mayor Feehan has been in contact with the landowner and we are awaiting decisions to be made from them.
Mayor Feehan presented the council with the original bid for the gutter and downspouts for the bandstand and the shelter house in the park.  Jay Pierschbacher motioned to approve the work on the bandstand and shelter house in the city park to have the gutters and downspouts installed as quoted, this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion passed Mayor Feehan will get with the contractor to let them know to proceed with the project.
The railing in front of the post office and city hall should be completed by the end of the month. 
The redemption trailer is complete and will be placed up by the recycle bin.  This trailer will be for any redeemable cans or bottles, they will need to be clean as not to draw bugs.  Casey will take the trailer to the redemption center when full and they will return the monies donated to the city for Christmas decorations or other city improvements.
New Business:
The Horizon’s committee has given the city a letter to release the funds that they have in the horizon’s account to be used as follows:  $1,000.00 to be held to pay Jim Noble for mowing the grounds near the Russell City sign as you enter the town from 34.  The remainder of the money to be divided between the City for Christmas decorations and to the newly revised garden club.  At this time the money will be held by the city and given to the garden club as they request.  A new bank account will be established for the garden club to hold the money for them.  At present Casey DeHoedt is the garden club treasurer and she felt that this would be an acceptable way to show monies spent for the garden club.  She currently has a go fund me page that will be going into this new account when set up. 
We have had a request to place a banner out near 34 in the grass area that the city owns for a grand opening.  This has been granted for this grand opening and Robert Smith will be compiling guidelines that must be followed for future individuals that might wish to advertise in this manner.  When this is complete it will become a new city ordinance. 
There is a memorial brick structure in the community center park that has been broken and is falling apart.  We believe that at one time this held a time capsule but we are unsure if it has been opened or if it is still there.  We are going to finish tearing down this structure and place the plaque either on a pedestal or some form to show the plaque in the park. 
The sidewalk north of the tracks has broke and is no longer safe.  Jim has fenced off this area and Mayor Feehan is going to work with the county to see if they can assist us in the repair of the culvert that goes under Prairie Street as this is a large culvert and the street will need to be closed for this repair to be completed.  When this culvert is repaired, the sidewalk will be repaired at the same time. 
Mayor Feehan is also working with exterminators regarding the bats in the upstairs of the city hall building.  They will be here on the 20th to give us an estimate. 
Casey DeHoedt also has been doing research regarding the city hall building to try to receive grants to repair the upstairs for either turning it into an apartment or additional meeting rooms.  She stated that she will need to get a complete listing of what would need to be repaired and placing an elevator entrance for handicap accessibility to meet grant guidelines.  She will continue her research.
The garden club will also be installing a hanging planter on the city hall building.  The garden club also would like to add planters to the bandstand.  Council approved these planters to be installed.  The garden club has also been given deck stain that they wish to use on the bandstand.  They will power wash the decking and seal the decking prior to winter.
Jay Pierschbacher motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 and this motion was seconded by Robert Smith. Meeting adjourned.

Approved by,
Chris Feehan, Mayor

Cindy A Smith, City Clerk

Thursday, July 2, 2020

June 16th City Council Minutes

JUNE 16,2020
5:30 PM
Present: Mayor Chris Feehan, Terry Newcomb, Casey DeHoedt, Jay Pierschbacher, Robert Smith, Kelli Anderson, City Clerk Cindy Smith, and guest Larry Templeton.
Mayor Feehan called the meeting to order at 5:37 pm.
Larry Templeton spoke to the council regarding the MAMR (Mid-America Mower Racing Series), that will be occurring this weekend at his track.  Carlisle used to hold this racing event, but due to issues, they are no longer allowed to hold the event and they asked Larry to use his track.  With this race, there will be several people in attendance that will bring the RV’s for camping.  Some of these will be at Red Haw State Park.  Larry has requested from the city to be able to have use of the old football field to allow “primitive” camping for these RV’s.  Security will be at the football field and there will be security at the track.  There are no drugs or alcohol allowed or sold at the event. 
MAMR will provide the insurance for the track area during the event.  Mayor Feehan has reached out to our insurance agent and the football field is already covered for such an event with the campers.  No “racing machines” allowed to run at the football field, they will be left at the Track.  He is expecting 30+ people to use the football field. 
Rain was brought up as it is expected to rain this weekend, Larry stated that if the race is called on Saturday, they will try to run on Sunday.  Larry will provide trash containers and clean up the football field of any debris left after the event and the campers are gone. 
Mayor Feehan will speak with the Sheriff’s department so that they are aware of this event taking place. 
Jay Pierschbacher motioned to approve the use of the football field for the campers at $10.00 per night and this motion was seconded by Robert Smith.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion passed
Larry Templeton at this time left the meeting.
Mayor Feehan brought a quote from Hydro Klean regarding the storm sewer.  They will run a camera with GPS tracking so that we will know where the storm drains run and where they are broken/clogged that is causing problems down along Shaw Street.  Jay Pierschbacher motioned for approval to hire Hydro Klean to run these camera’s and this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.  Mayor Feehan is going to have Supervisor Jim Larrington call to schedule this work to be done around Jim’s schedule. 
Robert Smith motioned to adjourn the meeting and this motion was seconded by Jay Pierschbacher.
Meeting Adjourned at 6:30.

Approved by,
Chris Feehan, Mayor

Cindy A Smith, City Clerk

June City Council Minutes

June 1, 2020
6:00 P.M.
Present: Mayor Chris Feehan, Terry Newcomb, Casey DeHoedt, Jay Pierschbacher, Robert Smith, Kelli Anderson, City Maintenance Supervisor Jim Larrington and City Clerk Cindy Smith.
Mayor Feehan called the meeting to order at 6:00. 
Minutes from the May 4, 2020 meeting were reviewed; Casey DeHoedt motioned to approve the minutes from the May 4, 2020 meeting and this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Nay’s – None
Motion Carried.
Minutes from the Public Hearing meeting held on May 22, 2020 were reviewed; Robert Smith motioned to approve the public hearing minutes from May 22, 2020 and this motion was seconded by Kelli Anderson.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion Carried.
Income and expenses for May were then reviewed.  Payment to LL Pelling on the upcoming street repairs were explained.  Casey DeHoedt motioned to approve the income and expenses for May 2020; this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion Carried.
Police Report:  Mayor Feehan read the resignation letter from Tyler Jefferies, he has been offered a full time position and has accepted this new opportunity for him and his family.  He will be working the month of June to finish up the work that he has started.  We wish him luck in his new position.
Mayor Feehan reviewed with the council a new person that may be interested in taking on this position.  This will be further discussed at the next meeting when he has more information.
Several council members have been approached about noise within the city.  We will meet with our new attorney at next month’s meeting and will be putting a new ordinance on noise and a new ordinance on parking and snow removal parking.
Fire Report:  Chief Beaty was unable to attend.  Mayor Feehan who is also on the fire department stated that currently no issues with the fire department.  They are still in the undecided on how to proceed with their annual Cookoff and Fall Festival at this time due to Covid and regulations that are still under mandate on crowd gatherings and also the cost of food that the country is experiencing at this time.
Water/Wastewater report:  Jim Larrington noted that the water tower is currently under repair and should be back in operation by the end of the week.   Water is currently being pumped direct from Rathbun. They have run across a few issues that have been resolved.  All electric has been cut from the tower except for the power needed for the towers on the top.  Rathbun will also be installing new equipment in the tower that they use for monitoring.  Water loss for May was at 30% .   With the repair to the tower this loss should be down next month.
Jim also stated that Menard’s made a delivery to a resident and broke a water curb box that had to be repaired, this repair cost will be submitted to Menard’s for payment.
Installation of the remaining water meters have been put on hold due to the Corona Virus, Jim will try to get some of these meters in if homeowners are ok with him entering their homes.
Wastewater – the new sewer project has been submitted to the state engineers Our engineering company has been working with the state engineers to resolve any issues and obtaining DNR permits that are required. Project is estimated to go out to bid in July.
Jim has also been working on the storm sewers, we have no mapping information on where these lines are located.  He will be running a camera down the lines and using dye to see where the lines run and find the breaks that have caused the road damage on E. Shaw Street prior to repairing the street.
New Business: 
There was a final review of how the spring cleanup day went, the council felt that this was a success and have scheduled the fall cleanup day for October 3, 2020 from 8:00 am to noon.
There have been several inquiries regarding the renting the community building.  It has been closed due to the Covid-19.  The Governor is starting to open public locations at 50% capacity.  It was determined that the building will be available for rent.  We will only be renting to one event at a time.  The capacity allowed will be 66 people.  The cleaning will be MANDATORY on all rentals.  There are cleaning supplies from the City to clean with.
It was also mentioned that a rental contract will be drawn up and that this will be discussed in the July meeting when we discuss several items with the new city attorney.
With the parks opening we will be installing the nets at the volleyball and tennis courts with current capacity at 50%.  If this mandate is not followed, they will be removed and closed until all mandates are lifted.
Mayor Feehan will be working with Paige Tree service to see about the final timing of tree stump grinding so that we can get the cleanup done on the trees that have been removed.
There is a new owner of the grain bin property as you come into town and they have requested some water installation that they would like to have done.  Jim is working up cost on what this would be then he and Mayor Feehan will meet with the new owner to discuss.
We have contacted a few companies for the railing to be installed along the post office / city hall new sidewalk.  Terry Newcomb motioned to go with the lower bid and this was seconded by Jay Pierschbacher.

Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion Carried.
Ellen Werts has again volunteered to paint.  We will see if she is available to paint the curb prior to installing the new railings.  Jim noted that the bathrooms in the community center have also been textured and are ready to be painted, we will see if Ellen would like to paint those as well then the new sinks and flooring will be installed.
Council then discussed city clerk wages.  Cindy and Robert Smith both left the meeting at this time as he sustained himself from vote, due to conflict of interest.  These notes were taken by Casey DeHoedt.  It was decided to give her $1.00 an hour raise and pay her for 7 holidays at 4 hours per holiday as that is her allotted daily work hours.
Nay’s – None
Abstained – Robert Smith
Motion Carried.
Cindy and Robert were called back into the meeting.
Jim Larrington has 3 week’s vacation. He will be taking the week of July 27th off.  He will let the council know when he will take the additional vacation.  Jim is able to carry one week over to next year.  He will need to use by September 2020.
The County Assessor has requested to see a copy of the ordinance on determining new addresses within the city.  This Ordinance was located and will be forwarded to the Assessor.  The City Clerk assigns the addresses.  New mapping will be created to show current addresses, making it easier to assign new.  It was also noted during the review of ordinances that each house should have numbers visible from the street.
Casey DeHoedt gave an update on the redemption trailer.  She has received some quotes on this and is also looking into possible grant money that might be available to get this accomplished.
Casey DeHoedt then gave the council an update from the Garden Club.  They are requesting donation for planters to be installed around the city.  She asked if they would be allowed to put up flower boxes on the windows of the city building.  As this is a brick building, council would not want to put holes in the bricks, they can put up planters under the windows. 
They will also be installing additional shrubs and flowers around the bandstand/flag and parks.
The blessings boxes are up at the museum and there has been some use, Thank you to all in the community who fill and are able to use these boxes. 
It was also reviewed again the properties in town that need to be taken down.  Mayor Feehan has been in discussions with the mill owner that burned down in the fall.  He is also working on title searches and will discuss with the new attorney best way to get these demolished.
Casey DeHoedt motioned to adjourn the meeting and this motion was seconded by Robert Smith.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Motion Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Approved by,
Chris Feehan, Mayor

Cindy A Smith, City Clerk

May City Council Minutes

City of Russell
City Council Meeting
May 4, 2020
6:05 PM
Present: Mayor chris Feehan, Terry Newcomb, casey DeHoedt, Kelli Anderson,
Robert smith, Jay Pierschbacher, city Maintenance supervisorJim Larringtrcn and
City Clerk Cindy Smith.
Mayor Feehan called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm immediately followirrg the
public hearing.
Minutes from the April 6,2020 meeting were reviewed and motioned for
approval by Casey DeHoedt, this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Aye's - All Approved
Nay's - None
Motion carried.
lncome and expenses were reviewed from Aprir 2020.
Mayor Feehan reviewed with the council regarding the payment for Garden and
Associates' Garden and Associates has stopped all work on the sewer projerct
until this account was brought current. once this sewer project is approvecl we
will receive the funding to pay for this expense, but with this expense we are over
budget for 2079/2020 and will need to schedule a public hearing for a revised
budget' Jay Pierschbacher motioned to approve income and expenses for April
2020, this motion was seconded by Casey DeHoedt.
Aye's - All Approved
Nay's - None
Motion carried.
Police report was provided by Mayor Feehan -officer Jeffries has had a death in
the family and was unable to attend. officer Jeffries has been sending out
addition letters regarding junk and debris and will be checking these locatiions for
any improvements in the coming weeks.
we have received the new contract from the Lucas county sheriff's departtment
that Mayor Feehan signed as it had been previously discussed and approved to
renew the contract for fiscal year 2020/2021,.
Fire Department report was also provided by Mayor Feehan - There will br: Fire
Fighter class I training with 6 people and an instructor taking place at the fire
city Maintenance supervisor Jim Larrington then gave his reports for
water/wastewater and street reports:
water in cell 4 of the lagoon will need to be drained prior to any work to be
completed on the new sewer project.
Water Loss was at 32% for the month of April.
A new resident will be needing a water service installation that wilt requi re 2,, piping' Jim is going looking into the cost of installing a water pit that will bt:
required for that size of piping. lt will also need to be large enough for electrical
so will need to be coordinated with Alliant Energy. The cost of these materials
will be up to the resident. An existing fire hydrant will also be replaced at that
Jim has been in discussions with the contractor regarding the new pipe that needs
to be installed in the water tower. They are hoping to plan the work in the next 2 to 3 weeks. There should be no water interruption to the community as thr:
water will run direct from Rathbun. Rathbun is also wanting to update their
equipment at that time as well. During this work Ames street will be cLosEiD and
fenced off for protection of the community and the workers as they repair the
tower. Jim is looking into the cost of fencing around the project.
The repair on Prairie street has been completed along with the concrete w.rk at
the fire station from the drain repair, and new sidewalk has been installed at the
post office' New railing will be installed at the post office/city hall building in the
next few weeks' The mailbox was moved during this construction by the postal
Service and will be moved permanently by them as well as the mail drop box is
Federal Government property.
Old Business:
we had received two (2) additional sealed bids on the dump truck. These were
opened and reviewed. casey DeHoedt motioned to approve the highest bid and this motion was seconded by Jay pierschbacher.
Aye's - All Approved
Nay's - None
Motion carried, Mayor Feehan wilr cail the winning bidder.
Review of the covid L9 state regulations were discussed. The city parks and
community building will remained closED until further notice.
The 4-H club has notified Mayor Feehan that the Blessing Boxes (one (1) for food
and one (1) for toiletries etc.) are complete and will be installed in the yard of the
Russell Historical Society Museum/Library.
New Business:
The city council will not be billing the museum for water/sewer service as tSey are
closed due to the Covid 19.
one council member had a request for ,,children at play,, signs. There are
currently two signs in town. one (1) on the east side of town on smith street as you enter city limits and there is also a sign on shaw. council decided to have the
Sheriff and our Potice officer be made more aware of children playing on the
major roads of smith and Highland and to patrol more in this area.
There also has been some complaints disruptive activity inside city timits and
items being stolen. This will also be brought to the sheriff's department anr1 our
Police officer to be on patror for these additionar requests.
LL Pelling has submitted a quote for sealcoating state street from Smith to s;haw
and Ames street from Prairie to Highland. There wilt also be two (2) spot repairs completed' Terry Newcomb motioned to approve the quote from LL pelling for
approximately 525,000.00 for sealcoat of state and Ames streets as designated
above and the two (2) spot repairs. This motion was seconded by Kelli Anderrson.
Aye's - All approved
Nay's - None
Motion carried, Mayor Feehan signed quote for work to be comp
A Public Hearing was schedured for May 22at 5:30 pm for approv
2019 / 2020 Budget Ame nd ment.
Terry Newcomb motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 pm and
seconded by Robert Smith.
Meeting Adjourned.
Chris Feehan, Mayor
Approved by:
Smith, City Clerk
I of the
his mol:ion was