Thursday, September 26, 2019

City Council Minutes

City of Russell
Council Meeting
September 11, 2019
Present:  Mayor Duane Bedford, Council Members: Terry Newcomb, Chris Feehan, and Casey DeHoedt, Jim Larrington and Cindy Smith.  Guests present Austin Smith from Garden and Associates and Deloris Carroll from Southside LLC.
Mayor Duane Bedford called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.
Guest Austin Smith updated the council on the sewer project that needs to be completed.  They (Garden and Associates) are in the final stages of preparing their report and design specifications to the Rural Development Engineers for approval of the SAGR System that will be installed at the City of Russell lagoon.  Once these plans are approved it will then be let for bid and once the bid is awarded the monies will be finalized and work can begin.  He is anticipating, with expected turnaround times on approvals for the work to be completed in a year’s time. There was general discussion on how the SAGR system will work, spot repairs that are needed in the sewer lines and general questions answered.  Council was satisfied with where we are with the report and have also been in discussions with the USDA on how this project will proceed.
Austin will be meeting with the council on a monthly basis to keep them up to date on where we are at in the line of concessions that will need to take place, then left the meeting.
Guest Deloris Carroll requested that Southside be allowed to close Shaw Street between Maple and West Street during the fall festival for their annual Bags Tournament.  The street will be open for the parade.  Chris Feehan motioned to approve the closure of Shaw Street for the Bags Tournament and this motion was seconded by Casey DeHoedt.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s - None
Shaw Street will also be closed from Prairie Street to Maple for most of the day as the cookers will be ongoing thoughout the day.
Ellen (Pete) Werts volunteered to paint the streets, sidewalk area’s and driveways on Shaw Street and the City greatly appreciates her help in helping to make the City look nicer for the Fall Festival.
The Historical Society will also be hosting a free will donation breakfast on Saturday morning from 7:30 to 10:00 am.
Minutes from the August 5, 2019 minutes were reviewed and motioned for approval by Chris Feehan and seconded by Casey DeHoedt.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Income and expenses were reviewed, Chris Feehan asked about the amount of money paid to Chariton Ace Hardware, this expense was explained by Mayor Bedford as being an expense to purchase a chain saw that was needed with the large trees that had come down during recent storms.  One (1) tree that was in the park by the Community Center and a tree that had came down on abandoned property (208 Highland Street) and also to remove trees on same property that were blocking views around corners that traffic could no longer see around.  The cost to remove these trees will be expensed to the property owner.  Terry Newcomb motioned for approval of income and expenses.  This motion was seconded by Chris Feehan.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Larry Templeton was also on the agenda as he had requested a race to take place at the football field area.  Mayor Bedford had looked into this request with insurance agent Mike Beaty who stated that the City would need to take out a million dollar insurance policy to protect against any damage or harm that may take place during the race.  The request was denied as the expense would not be feasible to the City. 
Flea market/garage sale at the football field was also discussed.  Per Mayor Bedford, he also spoke with Mike about the liability in this and the insurance that the city already carries would cover an event like this.  Casey will get with Roberta Reynolds and may possibly hold the city wide garage sale at the field to have all in one place instead of going from house to house and possibly invite outside city limits to join if they so wish.  There will be a fee for a spot for tables that will be used as donations to make improvements to city celebrations such as additional purchase of flags or Christmas decorations.  Casey will let council know what response she has.
The city has also received from the state renewal notifications for liquor licenses for Last Chance and for a new business in the city, Prairie Street Pub.
Casey Dehoedt motioned for approval for Last Chance LLC to renew their license and this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Chris Feehan motion for approval for Prairie Street Pub and this motion was seconded by Casey DeHoedt.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Officer Tyler Jeffrey was not able to attend the meeting but had left his report for the council.  He has been handing out flyers for the fall city wide clean up on October 12,2019.  Also, Cindy Smith is now a notary and will start with the citation letters that need to be completed for properties that are not yet in compliance with the junk and debris ordinances. 
Council appreciates the reports the Officer Tyler provides them.
Fire Chief Beaty was also not able to attend the meeting, Chris Feehan notified the council that the Russell Volunteer Fire Department placed 5th at the recent fire convention.  We congratulate our firemen for all the work that they do for the city and surrounding area’s and we are very proud of them!! 
Jim Larrington gave the water/wastewater report.  Water loss last month was at 38%.  This loss was higher due to the house fire, mill fire and 1 valve that broke and 4 shut offs that also broke with trying to move water to the fire hydrants.  There are several hydrants that are now leaking that will need to be fixed, we have 2 and Jim was approved to purchase 2 more new hydrants.  Jim will also look into the cost of adding additional isolation valves so that when water is shut off, he has more control over location and hopefully would eliminate having to shut down the whole water system for repairs, thus eliminating the need to have to do bottled water notifications as the system would just divert water and not have to shut off.
There are no issues with wastewater.  Jim will get costing on dredging the lagoon and Duane will discuss with Austin and the USDA if this would be part of what they will be doing when upgrading our wastewater system. 
There was discussions of having to increase water and sewer rates. 
Jim Larrington then gave the street report.  Alliant will be out to move the power pole at the corner of Maple and Ames so that he can replace the culvert by the fire station that is starting to move the entrance for the fire trucks into the fire station.  Alley way’s are starting to become a problem for the Alliant trucks that have had to come in to do repairs on power lines due to recent storms.  Jim and Mayor Bedford will be looking at all alley ways to determine what trees need to be cut down that are on city property or private property that will need to be taken care of and also any buildings that have been placed on city property in alley ways.  There must be a 16ft clearance for the utility trucks to pass through.  Jim has also requested that we issue a new ordinance for parking on snow days as he had several vehicles last year that impended on blading the streets properly.  Mayor Bedford with work with Attorney’s to get this ordinance in effect and attach a penalty to any vehicle that is not in compliance.
We will also be trimming trees again in the fall – he is aiming for November to get this work scheduled and will have quotes for a lift in the next council session.
Old Business:  Casey DeHoedt is still working on an emergency system that the City can have to notify residents of any emergencies that the City may have.
The Lockridge Network contract proposal is still in the hands of the attorney’s.
Casey DeHoedt is also still working on getting a can redemption trailer that residents can bring their cans to and we will take to Albia and any funds that are brought in will be used as with the “football field” garage sale fees for flags, Christmas decorations or any upgrade to parks.
Jim will be getting quotes for foam insulation in the maintenance garage to help save cost on propane.  The cost to insulate will in the long run more then pay for itself. 
New Business:  Street Financial Report was reviewed, need to add the new dump trailer that was purchased then it will be ok to submit to the State.
There are several cracks in the concrete of Shaw and Prairie Streets that need to be repaired.  The City of Chariton has a machine that may be able to do the work.  Duane has discussed the use of the Chariton equipment with Chariton City Manager and David VanRyswyk.
Mayor Bedford is also in discussions with Scott McGee to repair the stairs in front of the Russell Post Office, and how Scott thinks that it will work the best.  We will also look at replacing the flagpole in front of the Post Office.
Mayor Bedford also discussed that he had met with Iowa American Water and their proposal to possibly purchase and be overseers of our water and lagoon systems.  The Council does not wish to pursue this as it would take all aspects out of our hands and be dependent upon someone else.  Jim Larrington stated that this would be in the same lines as what Chariton has done with their wastewater system.
At 9:00 Terry Newcomb motioned to extend the meeting this motion was seconded by Chris Feehan.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Fines on our City Ordinances were then discussed.  All will need to be reviewed by an Attorney and so this process will be put on hold for the new council that will begin in January 2020.
The water tower was recently cleaned and painted on the inside for maintenance on the tower.  Suez is the tower company that we have contracted with in the past at $+9,000.00 per year for this painting to be completed at a 12 to 15 year interval.  During this maintenance work, Jim Larrington was in contact with the Rathbun Water division and after Jim reviewed his findings with the council, it was determined that we will set aside these monies ourselves and put in an interest bearing account over a ten year period to pay for the work as it is needed.  We will have monies available for our own repair work that we complete on the tower but the majority of this budgeted amount will now be held in our own account.  Mayor Duane Bedford and Cindy Smith will discuss with the bank how best to proceed with the funds.
Chris Feehan motioned that we not renew the contract with Suez and that we set aside funds for maintenance as needed.  Casey DeHoedt seconded this motion.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Begger’s night for Halloween was then discussed. 
Chris Feehan motioned for the City of Russell to have begger’s night on Thursday the October 31st  of October  from 6pm to 8 pm. This motion was seconded by Casey DeHoedt.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Casey then stated that the Trunk or Treat that the Historical Society has on Maple street will be on Saturday the 19th.  Council approved the closing of Maple Street for the event.

Casey DeHoedt motioned for adjournment at 9:45 and this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s - None

Approved by:
Duane Bedford, Mayor

Cindy A. Smith, City Clerk

Russell News

Russell News October 1,  2019

Summer Reading Program

                Congratulations to the Shounkwiler girls who read the following number of books for the summer reading program at the Museum/Library-Boston 48, Bristol 47 and Birkleigh 22.

Reading opens a whole new world for a reader of any age.   Come see the excellent selection of books/media for all ages at the Russell Library.

Community Responds

                The Russell Museum/Library appreciates the excellent turn out for the Fall Festival breakfast fundraiser. Our services  could not continue without the support of the community.  It was also very gratifying for the turnout of the entire Fall Festival. There were great meat varieties, mini-tractor pull,  the parade and other activities were very well attended.

Russell News Retires

                Just a heads-up, the final issue of Russell news will be the December 2019 one.  Russell News has been issued off and on for eleven years.  This committee is retiring.  Should anyone be interested in continuing or with questions, contact Karen 535-6161,

Sharon at 641-203-3015 or Marilyn at 641-344-6609.

Russell Clean-up October 12, 8 a.m. -noon

                There is a fee for tires, TV monitors,  and a car or truck load.  It is free for all metal items including appliances of any kind.  Call 641-535-2494 for questions and if you would like items picked-up. Dumpster will be on Shaw St.

                Halloween Activities

                Trunk or Treat will be held on Saturday, October 19 from 10-2 p.m. on Maple St.

                Beggar's Night will be Thursday, October 31 from 6-8 p.m.


                "Dynamite Club" for kids, at First Baptist Church, continues on Wednesdays after school at 2:30 p.m.

                Tuesday, October 1,  6:00 p.m. American Legion/Auxiliary, Community Center

                Wednesday, October 2,  6:30 p.m. Night Owls of Faith United Methodist Church,  Margaret Phippen is the hostess and Linda Reida  has the lesson. All women are invited.

                Sunday, October 6, 2 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Trap shoot (youth shoot free)

                Monday, October 7, 7 p.m. Russell City Council meeting,

                Monday, October 14,  8 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Night Trap Shoot -white clays

                Thursday, October 17, 1:15 p.m.   Russell News meeting at the Museum-everyone welcome

                Thursday,  October 17,  6 p.m. Russell Museum/Library Board meeting

                Sunday, October 20,  2 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Trap shoot

                Wed-Thur,  October 23-24, Chariton school Parent -teacher conferences,

                Friday, October 25, no school Chariton