Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wayside Garden Club's July Yard of the Month

The Corey and Nikki Paige's home sits at the top a hill on your way out of town on East Shaw Street. (Next to Marilyn and Butch Evans' house).  The large front yard is beautifully manicured  all the way down to the street.  Flowers surround the front of the house and are also in a flower bed near the street.  This home has been selected as Russell Wayside Garden Club's July "Yard of the Month".

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heartland Health Solutions LLC

Welcome to a new business in Russell.  Located in the old Russell Mall.  Sign went up today.  Haven't heard when they will be moving in.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Around Town July 19th

The Wayside Garden Club reminds us anyone can enter the floral arrangement or a specimen (one flower) in an open class at the Lucas County Fair.  Also, the Club does not meet in August because of their activities at the Fair.

Children's Storytime is still happening.  The kids love this event just for them.  Come to the Library on Friday's at 1:00 p.m. Children ages 4-8.

The Community Club will be holding its annual election of officers at their regularly scheduled meeting on July 25th, 6:30 p.m., at the Russell Community building.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kelly McCurdy's Summer

Young Guatamalan Girl
Russell resident Kelly McCurdy has enjoyed some very interesting and educational experiences so far this summer.  It started with Spanish Students from Wayne Community Schools and Sigourney Community Schools taking a trip this summer.  The Spanish Students departed on June 1st and returned on June 10th.  First stop was in Guatemala.  The group visited local schools and dropped off donations of school supplies and money to support their schooling.
Pacaya Volcano, Antigua Guatamala
A hiking trip was made to Pacaya Volcano near Antigua, Guatemala.  This is an active volcano and offered a real treat overlooking the different craters.  For flatland Iowa students, the views on the hike up and down were wonderful.

San Ignacio School Children
After spending time in Guatemala the group flew to Belize.  There they visited another school in San Ignacio.  The children were so happy to see the visitors and welcomed the donations that they brought.

The trip to Guatemala was an experience that made them realize how blessed and fortunate they really are.

Gettysburg Battlefield in

Then a family trip included going to Washington, D.C.; Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania; and Manassas Battlefield in Virginia.
 The trip to Washington D.C. was a great experience and Kelly found out that there are far too many things to see in a short trip.

Manassas Battlefield in Virginia

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Russell, Our Town

I took a ride today down Prairie Street in our beautiful little town of Russell, Iowa and took some pictures along the way.  The grass and trees are so green and flowers are abundant after the rains we have had. 

The Beaty Insurance Building (Southwest corner)
Shaw and Prairie Streets catch your eye as you see the beautiful new buildings on the southeast, the southwest, and the north-east corners.  

The Russell Museum and Library, The Beaty Insurance Building, and the Justin Fitzgerald and Amber Pollard home have brought the town into the 21st century.

The Russell Museum and Library Building (Southeast corner)

Justin and Amber Ftizgerald Home (Northeast corner)

Five of the last of the "Main Street" buildings are now apartments on the northwest corner of Prairie and Shaw.
Apartments (Northwest cormer)

Bandstand in the park

Looking around the square, the band-stand looks like it is waiting for an event to take place.  The area where Curious Goods used to be has been leveled and grass will soon  start to fill in.  

Post Office and Great Western Bank

The Post Office and the Bank stand out with the open area on the corner.

Last Chance Convenience Store
The Last Chance Convenience store is very important to the residents of Russell, not only for the convenience store, but for the delicious lunches they serve Monday through Friday.  Social activities take place on special occasions.

Russell Development Apartments
Across the street from Last Chance are the Russell Development Apartments for the Elderly.  These apartments are made of red brick and are very well maintained.  A real asset to the town of Russell.

Bob and Kathy Willits Home

On the corner of Prairie and Ames is Bob and Kathy Willits home.  A beautiful yellow house with white trim and a beautiful cared for yard.


Across the street from the Willits home is a brick duplex that has been continually rented for the last quarter century. Originally owned by Jack Prather.

Frances Prather's Home

On down Prairie street sits Frances Prather's home.  Her home is attractive and she works hard keeping her beautiful flowers blooming.  The lawn is always well groomed.

The First United Methodist Church sits a half block off Prairie Street to the east of Frances Prather's home.

Improvements continue to be made around town as Russell strives to improve its image.  You can't help but notice the Lucas County Maintenance building, just north of the bank, with its new coat of white paint.  Shriver Painting gets credit for the paint job they did.

I hope you enjoy this trip down Russell's main street through town. 

City Announcements

Note from City Hall to Russell Residents
Any information Wendy needs to get out to residents will be on your water bills.  (The notice about garbage pickup being on July 4 was on this last bill.  Some said they didn't see it).  Residents need to look closely at your bills for any notices.  Next year she will be putting the date and times for cleanup day on your bills.  It is the most efficient way to get information out to everyone.

Russell City Council Meeting for July 1, 2013

Police continue to work on junk and debris, radar needs repaired again, repairing streets are ongoing, new tires have been put on the dump truck, backhoe needs more repair than what the city is capable of doing.  The Mayor is checking into getting it worked on.  Jeremy will speak to property owner about city right-of-way.  A letter will be sent requesting owner to attend next council meeting if needed.  Duane spoke with a resident about a complaint concerning The Track.  Larry and Michael will fill out worksheets on the work they do daily.  A hydrant will be installed in the park for purposes of watering landscaping.  Duane will be working on a plan for landscaping.  Duane made the motion to purchase I-Drive (computer) off site back-up.  
Council members in attendance were Mayor Ed Scheel, Wayne Riggs, Jay Pierschbacher, Duane Bedford, Jeremy Blue and Wendy Nickell, City Clerk.  Don Sellers was absent.  Police Chief Jeff Johnson and Larry Mitchell, city employees, were alson in attendance.  Visitors were Craig and Joan Gooder. 
The next meeting will be on Monday August 5 at 7 p.m. at which time we ask the Fire Department about filling pools and flushing hydrants.

First Baptist Church Vacation Bible School

Kick-off will be July 14th at the band stand.  A couple of puppet skits will be introducing Spy Guy/Girl, a character that has skits each day of VBS.  They will have a picnic afterwards for anyone who wants to come.  All food is provided.  VBS will be that week, the 15th-19th, from 6-8:15 p.m. for children ages 4-5th grade (completed).  The closing program will be on Sunday the 21st at 10:45 a.m. The theme is "Investigation Destination," and it's all about secret agents finding and following clues.  Everyone is welcome to this program.

Russell Sportsmen's Club Activities for July

At 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 14th the Russell Sportsmen's Club will conduct a ladies only handgun clinic.  Instructors will welcome women of any level of experience or inexperience.  The clinic will involve both classroom time and live fire on the range.  The range is located at 41570  280th Avenue southwest of Russell.  Call Sue at 641-340-1144 for more information.