Sunday, July 7, 2013

Russell City Council Meeting for July 1, 2013

Police continue to work on junk and debris, radar needs repaired again, repairing streets are ongoing, new tires have been put on the dump truck, backhoe needs more repair than what the city is capable of doing.  The Mayor is checking into getting it worked on.  Jeremy will speak to property owner about city right-of-way.  A letter will be sent requesting owner to attend next council meeting if needed.  Duane spoke with a resident about a complaint concerning The Track.  Larry and Michael will fill out worksheets on the work they do daily.  A hydrant will be installed in the park for purposes of watering landscaping.  Duane will be working on a plan for landscaping.  Duane made the motion to purchase I-Drive (computer) off site back-up.  
Council members in attendance were Mayor Ed Scheel, Wayne Riggs, Jay Pierschbacher, Duane Bedford, Jeremy Blue and Wendy Nickell, City Clerk.  Don Sellers was absent.  Police Chief Jeff Johnson and Larry Mitchell, city employees, were alson in attendance.  Visitors were Craig and Joan Gooder. 
The next meeting will be on Monday August 5 at 7 p.m. at which time we ask the Fire Department about filling pools and flushing hydrants.

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