Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kelly McCurdy's Summer

Young Guatamalan Girl
Russell resident Kelly McCurdy has enjoyed some very interesting and educational experiences so far this summer.  It started with Spanish Students from Wayne Community Schools and Sigourney Community Schools taking a trip this summer.  The Spanish Students departed on June 1st and returned on June 10th.  First stop was in Guatemala.  The group visited local schools and dropped off donations of school supplies and money to support their schooling.
Pacaya Volcano, Antigua Guatamala
A hiking trip was made to Pacaya Volcano near Antigua, Guatemala.  This is an active volcano and offered a real treat overlooking the different craters.  For flatland Iowa students, the views on the hike up and down were wonderful.

San Ignacio School Children
After spending time in Guatemala the group flew to Belize.  There they visited another school in San Ignacio.  The children were so happy to see the visitors and welcomed the donations that they brought.

The trip to Guatemala was an experience that made them realize how blessed and fortunate they really are.

Gettysburg Battlefield in

Then a family trip included going to Washington, D.C.; Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania; and Manassas Battlefield in Virginia.
 The trip to Washington D.C. was a great experience and Kelly found out that there are far too many things to see in a short trip.

Manassas Battlefield in Virginia

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