Sunday, July 28, 2019

Russell News

Russell News July 30, 2019

Summer Reading Program
                Want to be Russell's Top Reader? Whoever checks out and reads the most books  in a month will get a sign in their yard and a special prize. Any school-aged child is eligible. Program ends Labor Day Weekend.  Winner will be determined at the end of each month.  The winner for June was Boston Shounkwiler who read nine books. What a a great way to spend the summer.
                The Chariton Community Schools Summer Food Program, that ran from June 3 to July 19,  provided over 500 meals to Russell residents  and was very successful.
                Sunday, August 4,  2 p.m.  Russell Sportsmen's Club Trap shoot
                Monday, August 5, 7 p.m. Russell City Council meeting
                Tuesday, August 6,   6:30 p.m. American Legion/Auxiliary
                Wednesday, August 7,  6:30 p.m. Night Owls of Faith United Methodist Church,   All women are invited.
                Thursday, August 8-Sunday, August 18, Iowa State Fair 
                Monday,  August 12, 7 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Trap shoot
                Thursday,  August 15,   6 p.m. Russell Museum/Library Board meeting
                Sunday, August 18, 2 p.m. Russell Sportsmen's Club Handgun
                Tuesday, August 20,      Russell News meeting at the Museum-everyone welcome
Time to be scheduled.
                Friday, August 23, First Day for Wayne Schools,  2 hour early dismissal
                Monday, August 26, First Day for Chariton schools, 90 min. early dismissal
                Monday, August 26, 7 p.m.  Russell Sportsmen's Trap shoot
                Saturday, September 14, Russell Fall Festival  & BBQ competition, more info to  come. The Russell Museum/Library will have their annual breakfast fundraiser, 7:30-10 a.m. that day.

Congratulations to the Russell Reivers 4 H Club and their leaders who did very well with all their awards at the Lucas  County Fair. 


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Monday, July 22, 2019

City countil minutes

City of Russell
Council Meeting
July 8, 2019
Present:  Duane Bedford (Mayor), Council members:  Chris Feehan, Terry Newcomb and Casey DeHoedt, City Maintenance Jim Larrington, and City Clerk Cindy Smith.
Mayor Bedford called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.
This meeting was for scheduling and discussing street maintenance planning.
Mayor Bedford had a map of street that he feels needs to have spot repairs with grading/crowning/rocking.   The City is also wanting to keep as much as possible from doing major repairs on roads until the sewer project is completed as some roads will be torn up at that time. 
The listing of roads that will be repaired this fiscal year are as follows:
1.         Highland street to fix a frost boil area from Smith to the first alley going north with seal coat.
2.         Ames – At Ames and West Street repair where culvert was replaced with seal coat.
3.         Shaw – Main Street to West Street L&L Pelling with seal coat and do all work related to this.
4.         Corse Street – will have L&L Pelling look at this and repair as needed work that was completed last year that is cracking. 
5.         The bridge on West street will be checked for possible repair or replacement.  The City will also discuss this location with the county as we may need extra equipment to repair this crossing with a large culvert.
7.         Crocker Street, Chris Feehan will discuss splitting cost with land owner to clean out the ditch and fencing.
It was also discussed to rent a skid loader with a brush cutter to use along with the road grade
and backhoe with these road/ditch repairs.  We will also be renting a street roller to compact
the roads with the new gravel.
Ordinance 151 for the increase in solid waste  by $2.00 per canister was read and motioned for approval by Casey DeHoedt and this motion was seconded by Chris Feehan.  Voting was as follows:
Casey DeHoedt – Aye
Chris Feehan – Aye
Terry Newcomb – Aye
There were no nay’s.
Second reading of Ordinance 151 will be at the August 5, 2019 Council Meeting.
24 hour street parking on Shaw Street were discussed with City wide 72 hour parking.  Mayor Bedford will be working with Officer Jefferies on the legalities and ordinances that will need to be made to get these parking issues put into effect.  They will also work on snow parking ordinances as we had several problem area’s last year.
It was also suggested that City Clerk, Cindy Smith become a notary but it was determined that we have two (2) notaries in town and that should suffice for now.
We will also be getting pricing on a second computer for the office as both Jim Larrington and Officer Jefferies will now also be needing. 
Casey Dehoedt motioned for meeting adjournment at 7:15 and this was seconded by Terry Newcomb.

Mayor Duane Bedford


City Clerk, Cindy Smith

Thursday, July 11, 2019

City Council Minutes

City of Russell
Council Meeting
July 1, 2019
Present:  Duane Bedford (Mayor), Council members:  Chris Feehan, Terry Newcomb and Casey DeHoedt, Jay Pierschbacher, Fire Chief Brian Beaty, City Maintenance Jim Larrington, and City Clerk Cindy Smith
Public Hearing was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Mayor Duane Bedford regarding the U.S.D.A. R.D. Grant request for the Fire Department.  Fire Chief Brian Beaty discussed that the fire department is requesting a grant for eight (8) self contained breathing apparatus’s, each apparatus is approximately $6.000.00 per unit. The City will need to sign the grant on behalf of the Fire Department.
Casey DeHoedt motioned for approval to apply for the grant on behalf of the fire department and this motion was seconded by Terry Newcomb. Vote to carry was as follows:  Chris Feehan – Aye, Terry Newcomb-Aye, Casey DeHoedt – Aye, Jay Pierschbacker – Aye.  Motion was passed and Resolution 2019-06 was passed.
Regular Council Meeting was opened by Mayor Bedford at 7:15 pm.
Minutes from the June 3rd meeting were reviewed and motioned for approval by Chris Feehan and seconded by Casey DeHoedt.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Expenses were reviewed there were some questions asked as to whether some of the payments made should have been in the previous fiscal year as the new year had just started.  All payments that were from June were paid in July as they had been in the previous years.
Terry Newcomb motioned to approve income and expenses and this motion was seconded by Chris Feehan.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None
Officer Tyler Jefferies was unable to attend the meeting but he supplied a report on where he is in the process of Junk and Debris ordinances. He has met with several residents and has been giving out letters regarding clean-up requirements.  As long as he is seeing improvements, he will not do any citations, but if he does not see any improvements there will be a $200.00 a day fine until the clean-up is completed.   The radar in the squad car has been checked and certified and he will be issuing citations as needed.  Council did bring up what can be done with cars in parking area’s that have not been moved for a long period of time.  Mayor Bedford will discuss this with Officer Jefferies and also with the Sheriff’s department to see how we can get these vehicles moved.
Fire Report was provided by Chief Beaty, he stated again that he has been working with the USDA on the grant as earlier reported.  They will soon be practicing for the fire convention and will be using Maple Street from Shaw where city offices are located to the fire station.  
Water/wastewater report was given by Jim Larrington.  Water loss for June was 22%.  He will soon be working on installing new curb boxes at some residences and will need to rent a ditch box and would like to purchase a small 1” pump to keep water out of the pits while he is working on the boxes.  Council approved for him to purchase the pump if under $500.00 and to get pricing on renting/purchase of a ditch box.  He will also be needing this equipment for the installation of 4 new fire hydrants.  Two (2) of these hydrants were purchased last fiscal year and 2 more will be purchased this fiscal year.  Mr. Larrington will be getting pricing on the 2 new ones but he believes they are at the same price as the two (2) purchased last year.  Mr. Larrington also stated that he has passed his Grade 1 waste water and is now certified.  Per the council with the passing of the test Mr. Larrington will receive a $1.00 pay rate increase starting July 1, 2019.  With Mr. Larrington now certified, our contract with Zach Bedford will be half after December 31,2019, of what his contract is as Mr. Larrington will now be taking on half of the reporting the Mr. Bedford had been doing.  Zach will be working with Jim to get all records transferred and showing Jim how he has been reporting to state.
Street report was given by Jim Larrington.  L&L Pelling will be coming towards the end of July to finish the east end of Smith Street.  We will also have L&L Pelling look at Corse Street to see why it is starting to crack and if it can be repaired as this was just completed last year. 
Discussions were made on what streets to work on next to prepare for next year seal coating.  Council members and Mr. Larrington will review the roads and will meet again next Monday at 6:00 pm to work up a schedule of roads.  Some streets will be worked on as they can and then do final repairs after the repair of the sewer line.
New resident, Mr. Harwell, has spoken with Mr. Larrington regarding what can be done with the standing water that he gets in his ditch.  He also wanted to convey his appreciation of the fire department blowing out his culvert.  Mr. Larrington discussed options of what can be done on this curve.  He will rent a transit to determine if we can redirect the water in some way.
Old Business:  City Clerk discussed with the council that she had received the necessary votes to approve the tobacco permit for Last Chance and has issued the renewal permit.
Christmas decorations were also discussed as they are on sale right now.  We have received $150.00 in donations and money was budgeted this year for this purpose, Council approved purchase of hopefully 3 new decoration for $1300.00.  Cindy will work on getting a snow flake design purchased.
New Business:  The city is going to be increasing the solid waste disposal to residence by $2.00 per canister as prices to us have increased and at present we are losing money on garbage collection including the recycle trailer that currently sits in the City Park area.  Council discussed moving this trailer over to the north garage as there is room there for it and it will allow more parking in the City Park area.  All members agreed and Mr. Larrington will work on getting this moved along with the signage. 
County Supervisor Larry Davis has spoken with Mayor Bedford regarding the recycle trailer.  They currently take and bring in an empty trailer every 3 weeks.  Mr. Davis informed the Mayor that the city could transport the trailer, pay the recycling fees, etc. with an accompanying reduction in charges by the county or receive the trailer from the county and do everything ourselves.    The council discussed who would be able to take to the landfill every time that it would need to be emptied and costs associated with the county, landfill and time to transport it.   At this time, we will leave as is until Mr. Davis supplies the city with figures for the cost differential.
Council member Terry Newcomb stated that he had a resident contact him regarding a semi blocking his driveway on Maple Street and how best we could assist in having this remain unblocked.  We will place yellow paint on the curb near his driveway entrance to prohibit parking near this drive entrance.  There currently is a 72 hour truck parking sign in this location.  We will try the paint first before considering a no parking sign.
A meeting was scheduled for July 8, 2019 at 6:00 pm for review of street repair and for a reading of the rate increase for solid waste disposal to residents.
Casey Dehoedt motioned for adjournment of meeting, this motion was seconded by Jay Pierschbacher.
Aye’s – All Approved
Nay’s – None

Mayor Duane Bedford


Cindy Smith
City Clerk