Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blood Drive

There will  be a blood drive Thursday, May 19th from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Russell Community Center.
To make an appointment please phone 641-203-0681.

Russell City Council Minutes

May 2nd, 2016 7pm

 Mayor Duane Bedford called the meeting to order at 7pm. Council members Casey DeHoedt, Corey Paige, Chris Feehan and Terry Newcomb were present. Fire chief Craig Alexander was also present. Jay Pierschbacher arrived at 7:02pm.
Minutes were approved on four prior meetings by Chris and seconded by Terry. Motioned carried 5-0.
Income and expense reports were reviewed with discussion of the work comp premium. Due to incidents on the fire department the work comp premium is higher than in the past. It was also noted that some payments were doubled up due to the absent of a city clerk. A motion to accept the report was approved by Jay and seconded by Terry.  Motioned carried 5-0.
The public budget hearing is set for 8am Friday May 13th at city hall. A notice of the hearing will be posted at city hall 24 hours prior to the meeting and the budget will be in the paper on May 3rd.
The police officer’s wages were discussed.  Jeff has had the same hourly wage for seven years. There was a motion to increase to $16 an hour. Approved by Chris and seconded by Jay. Motioned carried 5-0.
Craig spoke about the fire hydrant across of city hall not working. Chris said that last time it was used it did work okay. There was discussion on how to repair it. Craig also said that the old rescue truck had been sold. Duane had been contacted by the person that is going to paint the tennis courts, asking for a source of water. Duane asked if the fire department could assist with this.
There was discussion regarding a number of potholes in the city streets that needed filled. Duane will talk to Larry about these as well as some ditches and culverts that need cleaned out. There was discussion about the plastic drainage tubing in Fleshers yard that needs repaired.  It was determined that this belonged to the property owner and not the city. Chris mentioned that his curb box still needed repaired.
A motion was made to add Mo White to the city checking account. It was approved by Jay and seconded by Terry. Motioned carried 5-0. A motion was made to add Chris Feehan to Russell’s safe deposit box. Approved by Casey and seconded by Corey. Motion carried 5-0.
The city will publish a notice in the paper for bids on mowing the hay ground around the lagoon. Approved by Jay and seconded by Casey. Motion passed 5-0.
A motion was made to rehire Lyle Dorsey to help Larry with mowing this summer. In the past he was hired for ten hours a week at $10 an hour.  Included in the motion was to allow 12 hours a week with a max of 15 hours a week at $10 an hour. Approved by Jay and seconded by Terry. Motion carried 5-0.
The four way stop at the corner of Crocker and North Umberland was brought up. It was noted that due to the incline of Crocker coming from the south, when a vehicle has to stop there, it spins out on gravel to proceed north. After discussion of having a two, three or four-way stop at that corner it was decided to go with a three-way stop by removing the stop sign on Crocker street that faces south and add three-way signs under each other stop sign at that intersection. The motion was approved by Chris and seconded by Terry. Motioned carried 5-0.
The vehicle that has been parked on the north side of the railroad tracks since mid-March was discussed.  Someone will contact the police department t to find the owner of this vehicle and see when it might be moved.
The approved training hours for the city clerk are almost expired. It was noted that more training is necessary. A motion was made by Chris to approve an additional 8 hours a week as needed and seconded by Casey. Motioned passed 5-0.
Clean up day will be Saturday May 7th from 8am to 12pm. Country Trash will be here as will Floyd Milligen to gather the trash.
The Sonna Brown property was discussed briefly and tabled due to legal issues with that property.
Duane showed the council a quote for a professional liability policy that Mike Beaty has presented to him. It was tabled with the possibility of having Mike come to the council and explain it in more detail.
There was also a brief discussion about putting a repeater on the water tower. More information needs to be gathered.
The Vredenburg grant application was discussed. The shelter in the park needs repairs which might be an idea for the grant. The council is to think on this.  The deadline for the grant is August 1st, 2016.
A motion to adjourn was made by Corey Paige and seconded by Casey DeHoedt. The next council meeting is set for June 6th at 7pm.

Duane Bedford, Mayor
Mo White, City Clerk

Friday, May 6, 2016

Russell Historical Society Breakfast

The Historical Society is having a breakfast Saturday, May 7th from 7-10 A.M. They will be serving biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, juice and coffee. 
Cost is a Free Will Donation.
This fund raiser will help to take care of the building maintenance, which includes, water and sewer, electricity, toner for the copy machines and other misc. items.
Also you will be able to tour the museum. Come and see the new items!
 We appreciate your support!