Friday, July 21, 2017

City Council Minutes

City of Russell
Council Meeting
July 11, 2017, 7 p.m.

Present: Duane Bedford, Terry Newcomb, Chris Feehan, Casey DeHoedt, Jay Pierschbacher, Corey Paige, Jeff Johnson, Vickie Jordan, Jim Larrington, and Brian Beaty.  Absent: Ed Scheel, and Kris Wilkins.  Casey DeHoedt will take minutes.

Duane Bedford called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Minutes were read and approved by Chris Feehan.  Corey Paige seconded the motion to approve the minutes.  Minutes were approved unanimously 5-0.

Terry Newcomb motioned to approve the Income and Expense reports.  Jay Pierschbacher seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously 5-0.

Jeff Johnson gave the police report.  He said he had a list of properties to address and would start to hand out notices.

Brian Beaty gave the fire department report.  He said that new gear has been ordered and should arrive the last week of August. He said that in preparation of fire convention, they would be practicing in the street around the 25th.  Brian also said that the department was going to start actively seeking out new recruits.

Vickie Jordan then addressed the Council for approval to close Short Street from Friday the 14th at 18:00 to Sunday the 16th at 12:00 for an event at Harley Haven.  Chris Feehan motioned to approve and Terry Newcomb seconded the motion.  Council also approved for a similar arrangement during the weekend of September 23rd and August 26th.  Motion carried unanimously 5-0.

Duane gave several handouts detailing a timeline and progression with updating the Water Treatment facility. Several members of the council questioned again how televising and scoping for repairs might help alleviate the work.

Jim Larrington stated that L.L. Pelling would arrive around the 12th and begin prepping the streets for repair.  He stated the backhoe is in need of replacing and that it is a crucial item for daily work.

Duane discussed progress with funding the shelter house.  The mayor stated that the city has acquired around $9200 for an estimated cost of $17,900.  Council will start contacting bidders for concrete work in order to use funds already raised.

Duane gave Council another handout of projected expenses if the city took on the former bank as city hall.  Duane expressed his concern that the acquisition would create extra city expense.  Chris Feehan voiced concern that an idle building will fall to ruin and become a costly city cleanup.  Chris also said that he has been in contact with the bank about a document stating that Great Western Bank has completed an asbestos inspection. Duane and Terry both stated that community members have expressed displeasure with the Council’s willingness to take the building on.  Chris Feehan, Corey Paige, and Brian Beaty all stated that they have not heard such concerns.

Council read a draft of a water ordinance passed by other cities. Council discussed the adoption of ordinances to 1) add a water meter surcharge; 2) increase water rate; and 3) add a statement of penalties for destroyed equipment.  Members of Council request that the draft be typed up and sent to Council before the next meeting so that any editions could be made and that the first required reading take place at the August council meeting.

Council discussed a rate increase since RRWA rate will increase 6% on August 1st. Chris Feehan said that Council needed to act quickly to get the city’s rates to match RRWA’s increase.  Casey DeHoedt said she felt it had been previously discussed that a rate increase was agreed upon to take place after the holidays in order to allow members of the community to adjust the new surcharge and possible increase in usage fees from the more accurate meters.  Chris Feehan stated again that the city shouldn’t shoulder the cost of the increase. Casey stated that she felt it might help ease consumers into the new meters by waiting until January 1st.

Terry Newcomb motioned to extend the meeting past 9 p.m.  Corey Paige seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously 5-0.

The Red Cross has contacted the city about using the Community Center as an emergency shelter.  Brian Beaty, Chris Feehan, and Corey Paige said they thought that the Community Center has already been declared as a shelter.

Chris Feehan said that he would like to see the city make a donation to the Russell Library/Russell Historical Society that matches the funds given to the Chariton Library.  Duane said that would have to be added to the agenda before action could be taken.  This item will be tabled until the August meeting.

Chris Feehan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:32 p.m.  Jay Pierschbacher seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously 5-0.

___________________________                                                         __________________________
Mayor Duane Bedford                                                            Clerk, Kris Wilkins