Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Russell Veterans Memorial Service

Written by Marilyn Yoakum

    A group of Veterans from the American Legion Post 108 and loyal citizens gathered on Friday, May 27, in a beautifully decorated cemetery to memorialize the efforts of many Veterans and to establish the Circle of Honor to all Veterans who served the wars.

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     The Circle of Honor includes a plaque for each of five wars: Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, and Vietnam Conflict. They are meant to honor all veterans who served the wars as memorials of their service.
     Bob McCurdy, the Legion Post Commander led the service, along with Veterans Don Sellers, Jim Werts, Ervin Burton and Roy Mathias in remembering all military personnel and loved ones.  The group was urged to pray for the safety of troops, our nation, its people and peace.  "Prayers are the most powerful assets we have."

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     The American Legion and the Auxiliary put up the Avenue of Flags three times a year. They also put small flags on all burial sites of Veterans.
     It takes a mindful America to help its citizenry remember the price some of our citizen's pay for freedom at this time of year.

    Please take time to check out the cemetery while the flags are still flying.

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