Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Third School Board Candidate

Kelly Gookin of Russell is the third Chariton School Board candidate.  Kelly feels education is important to her because she has two sons in the Chariton school system.  Tyler is in fifth grade and Joe is a freshman.
"The most important thing you can do for a kid is to give them a a good education, and I care about kids," said Gookin.  Kelly used to work as a teachers associate in the Russell School and wanted students from Russell to have Russell representation.  She wants kids to be able to come to her with their problems and she will listen to them.  "If I can do something to make things better for kids, then I will feel like I accomplished what I am setting out to do," Kelly said.  The election is on Tuesday, September 13.  Voting in Russell is done at the Russell Community Building from 12-8pm.

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