Friday, August 9, 2013

Russell City Council Meeting Aug 5th

Council members present were: Wayne Riggs, Duane Bedford, Jay Pierschbacher, and Jeremy Blue, and Mayor Ed Scheel, City Clerk Wendy Nickell. Don Sellers was Absent. Others present were Fire Chief Craig Alexander, Police Chief Jeff Johnson, and city employee Larry Mitchell. Visitors were Justin and Amber Fitzgerald, Craig Gooder and Steve Pollard.

A Federal grant will allow an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to be placed in the Russell Community Building. The Education coordinator at the hospital will take care of checking it every month for 3 years. Then it can be placed at a different site if the city so desires. CPR classes will be offered to the public free of charge to any one that wants to become certified. A representative from the FD will attend an informational meeting concerning the AED on August 12 at LCHC.

Russell's current dog ordinance is drafted after Chariton's previous ordinance. Since the City of Chariton has recently made changes and implemented a new ordinance, Russell's Mayor brought this to the attention of the our council and passed around Chariton's new ordinance for the council to consider.

It will now cost $100 plus the cost of the water for the Fire Department to fill any pools. All payment must be made in advance before pools will be filled.

Repair work on the streets continues, with additional water repair to be done near Hundley Tire/Auto. Larry is now certified to do water and waste-water tests monthly along with the reports. Zach Bedford's contract for that will be dissolved on October 1.

The next Council meeting will be on Thursday September 12 at 7 p.m. (Note change of usual date).

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