Saturday, October 26, 2013

Russell Sportsmen's Club Board Meeting

The Sportsmen's Club Board met at 1:00 on October 20, 2013.  Present were Ted Williams, Vern Vogel, Dan Morrett, Jon Lund, Steve Mikesell, Stan Steenhoek, Bill Thompson and Sue Williams.  Paul Goldsmith and Curt Catron were absent due to Sheriff Baker;s retirement party.
Ted called the meeting to order.  The minutes and treasury report were approved as read.  
The Board set the 2014 season of events.  It will be similar to the current season.  The main changes were combining the service rifle match with the center-fire rifle event and adding two handgun instruction clinics.  These instruction clinics will be open to anyone.
2014 annual dues will remain the same at $25 for individuals and $40 for family memberships.  Non-member event fees will remain the same at $5 per event.
Instruction clinic fees were discussed.  There will be fees for instruction on top of event fees. Instruction fees will be left up to the instructors.
Jon Lund reported on the progress of a possible High School Trap Shoot Team.  He completed the shotgun certification class and encouraged others to get certified also.  He and others will meet with school administration with a proposal.
Submitted by Dan Morrett, Secretary/Treasurer

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