Friday, November 8, 2013

Around Town - November 12

Around Town

Garbage pickup for November 28 (Thanksgiving) will be on Saturday, November 30. 

Congratulations to Council member winners; Susan Beecher, Dana Blue and Crystal Moore.

A familiar face is missing from the bank in Russell.  We thank her for her service to the community and the friendly place she provided.  Deb is still visible  in the community and her smiling face now appears at Last Chance. 

More pictures and write-up of the Truck or Treat event is available on the Russell blog

Abbreviated Council minutes
The 1st reading of an ordinance establishing animal control for the city of Russell
was approved. 
Areas concerning property owners was discussed. A resident has a week to clean up area and if no improvement is made then charges will be filed. Jeff will  talk to other property owners of  concern.

Streets -  Research will be done on pricing a snow blade for the city pickup.

Water/wastewater - Several leaks have been identified and fixed.

When weather warms next spring it will be determined if any repairs need to be made on the Community building siding.

Jay will talk with transportation officials at the school about the issue of school buses unloading in an unsafe ares across the tracks.

The Community Club has decided to put an RV dump at the south end of the campground.
The Mayor is to proceed with obtaining information about the property donation at 803 S Prairie.

Council members in attendance were Duane Bedford, Jeremy Blue, Jay Pierschbacher, Don Sellers, Wayne Riggs along with Mayor Ed Scheel and City Clerk Wendy Nickell. Also attending were city employee Larry Mitchell, Fire Chief Craig Alexander. Visitors were Craig Gooder and Jim Neer.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 7 p.m.

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