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Around Town March 18th

Highlights to Council Meeting, March 3, 2014

Mayor Ed Sheel called the budget hearing to order at 7 p.m.  Duane Bedford made the motion to accept the FY2015 budget as printed with a second by Dana Blue.  Motion carried 4-0.
The Mayor called the regular meeting to order at 7:03 pm.  
Police Chief Jeff Johnson informed the council that Officer Luke Rich had not been able to be down here due to them being short-handed in Chariton.  He didn't know if Officer Rich would be putting in any more hours here.  Chief Johnson thought he could cover the needed hours himself.
Mike Beaty gave the council an update on the City's Insurance Policy.  Total premium is $11,575 with Workmens' Compensation Premium, $7,500, making a yearly total of $19,212.  The representative from McCune and Reed Insurance did not show up for the meeting.  The Council approved a motion to remain with Beaty Insurance for the City's insurance needs.  Carried 4-0.
The Fire Department will have their annual Ham Supper on Saturday April 19th.
Several parents were in attendance to talk about the bus stop situation.  It was requested that the parents get on the agenda for the next Chariton School board meeting and express the need for a bus monitor in Russell.  When the bus stop was on Shaw St., damage was done to the bandstand that cost the city quite a bit of money for repairs.  There have been no damages to the bandstand since the bus stop was moved.  A school bus monitor will need to be hired before the council will consider moving the bus stop back to Shaw St.
The streets will be an ongoing repair situation.  The winter ice, snow and frost  causes a lot of damage. Residents will need to be patient until the streets dry at which time our city employee will make the needed repairs.  Trying to repair streets when they are soft and muddy is futile.
Duane made the motion with second by Susan to approve Larry to attend a water distribution conference on March 12 in Newton.  Motion carried 4-0.
The Mayor will take a look at the culvert on E. Shaw, as water is blocked and doesn't drain, to see what type of work needs to be done to correct the situation.
Ryan Atwell spoke to the council about the Community Club putting in a dump station at the campgrounds.  There was discussion about who is responsible to get the sewer to the property line.  The Mayor will check ordinances and let Mike Beaty know.
The Council approved a request for Beaty Insurance to redo a portion of sidewalk in front of their building.  
Susan made a motion to send letters to attorneys to find out their fees.  Seconded by Duane.  Motion carried 4-0.
Also approved 4-0, was the purchase of safety supplies for our city employees, including a chainsaw helmet and chaps, to be worn when using the chainsaw.
The city will put an ad in the paper for bids on the city hay ground.  Larry has vacation scheduled so Duane or the Mayor will read meters in June.
Clean up day is Saturday, May 3rd from 8-noon.  Susan made the motion to increase the charge to $15 per car or pickup load. Dana seconded it.  Motion carried 4-0.
On a motion by Susan with a scond by Duane, Resolution 2014-06 was approved.  This will increase the rental for the COmmunity building by $5 per room.  The north room rent will be $55 and the south room rent will be $35.  The total building rent will be $90.  New fees will begin April 1, 2014.  Motion carried 4-0.
Council members in attendance were Duane Bedford, Susan Beecher, Dana Blue and Crystal Moore along with Mayor Ed Scheel and City Clerk Wendy Nickell.  Jay Pierschbacher was absent.  Police Chief Jeff Johnson and Fire Chief Craig Alexander were also in attendance.  Visitors were Ryan Atwell, Brian Beaty, Mike Beaty, Jesse Clark, Corey Paige, Sarah Peek, Niki Shounkwiler and Larry Templeton.
The next meeting will be on Monday April 7, 2014.
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