Friday, May 23, 2014

Council Meeting on May 13th

Council Meeting Mini-Minutes

  Regarding the property at 803 S Prairie, Ray Meyer explained the deed Wells Fargo is giving the property to the City of Russell. This is not a standard deed. It is somewhat like a quit claim deed. The city will put the property up for bids when all paperwork is completed and the city has complete ownership.  On a motion by Duane with second by Dana, the city will accept the property at 803 S. Prairie from Wells Fargo Bank. 
  The second reading of Ordinance 141 regarding charges for meter-repairs was approved on a motion by Dana and second by Susan.  Dana made the motion to waive the third reading.
  Willis Chambers-introduced himself and is running for Lucas Co Sheriff. He would appreciate any votes on June 3.
  It was discussed that all businesses in town need to give the council a schedule of events.  There was a trailer that was across the west end of Short St and was still blocking the street until 3:45 p.m. the next day.  The council will compile a list of requirements for any business that has outdoor activities to follow.  
  Fire Chief Craig Alexander gave the Fire Department report. They have been awarded a SCICF grant to buy pumps and motors for the grass trucks. Craig received pricing to put openers on the three bay doors of the original building at a approximate cost of $2400. He asked if the city could pay half of the cost. No decision was made.
  Street repairs are ongoing. A repair was done on a sinkhole on South Prairie, a water leak that wasn't tamped properly. It will be repaired after trucks have driven over the area for 2-3 weeks. The Mayor will approach Scott McGee about doing the cement repair to the street.
  There was a lengthy discussion about blocked culverts on E Shaw, Chapman and Garfield that causes water to go over the road. Kevin Tanner will check with Chariton City manager to see if Russell can rent the jetter the City of Chariton has to use to open up blocked culverts.
  Kevin Tanner asked about procedure to get water in his shop.
  There is needed repair to the curb at the post office and also to repaint that area.
  Craig Gooder asked about abandoned properties and if that issue will be addressed. Jeff Johnson explained how derelict/abandoned properties are addressed in Chariton.  The Mayor asked the Jeff to compile a list of properties that need to be mowed.
  Council members present were Crystal Moore, Susan Beecher, Dana Blue, and Duane Bedford. Jay Pierschbacher was absent. Others in attendance were Ray Meyer; City employee Larry Mitchell; Police chief Jeff Johnson and Fire chief Craig Alexander. Visitors were Sarah Peek; Larry Templeton; Penny Stouwie; Kevin Tanner; Willis Chambers; Dave Hager; Marilyn Evans; Corey Paige; Pat Conway; James Stewart and Craig Gooder.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Monday June 2 at 7pm.

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