Friday, November 14, 2014

Around Town November 18th

November Calendar

Mon, Nov 24, 1:15 p.m. Russell News meeting at the Museum, everyone welcome. 
Thu, Nov 27, Thanksgiving Day, give thanks for the freedoms we have. 
Tue, Dec 2nd , 3-7 p.m., Blood Drive at the Community Center. Contact Deb at 641-203-0681 to set. 
up an appointment. 


Russell Council Mini-minutes 
November 3, 2014

   The Council approved Resolution 14-9, City of Russell employee handbook and Resolution 14-10, Filing Nuisance Abatement properties with the Lucas County Treasurer were approved.
   Vicki Jordan commended our first responders and the Fire Department on their prompt arrival to their personal emergency. 
    Harley Haven will continue to have events to help fund FD so they can get the training and equipment they need. 
    The 1997 Fire Department fire rescue truck is here. Craig is working to outfit the unit with the needed equipment and supplies and will check with RRWA about testing fire hydrants.

Pictured is the 1997 Rescue Unit that was recently purchased
by the Russell Fire Department (Bill Howes photo)
   Larry will attend to cleaning ditches at Mumford/Sallee properties as weather and work constraints allow and clean out trees at Garfield and Smith and level out where water pools build up.
   Ed will be meeting with Ray this week concerning The Track.
   The City Clerk will attend the Annual Budget training presented by the Iowa League of Cities.
   Ron Bingham will be asked to fix the east facing Russell sign at Hwy 34.
   It was agreed to purchase, for a reasonable price of $100, an 
emergency double light for the dump truck (if needed, it may just need a new bulb) and $35 for a single light for the pickup and skid loader with purchases made at O'Reilly Auto Parts.
  Tennis court paint quote is $5675 from Tennis Services of Iowa.  We are still waiting to hear on the grant from SPLASH. Craig G. will also submit a grant to SCICF. 
  Council members in attendance were Susan Beecher, Duane Bedford, Dana Blue, Jay Pierschbacher, and Crystal Moore along with Ed Scheel, Mayor, Wendy Nickell, City Clerk, and Fire Chief Craig Alexander.
   The next meeting will be on Monday December 1, 2014 at 7pm.
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