Wednesday, September 16, 2015

July City of Russell Council Minutes

City of Russell

Council Meeting

July 6, 2015


Mayor Ed Scheel called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. Council members in attendance were Duane Bedford, Dana Blue, Susan Beecher, Crystal Moore and Jay Pierschbacher. Also in attendance was Police Chief Jeff Johnson. Visitors were Randy Nickell, Craig Gooder, and Cody Carroll.
Jay made the motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting with second by Duane. Motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Dana with second by Crystal the Income/Expense report was approved. Motion carried 5-0.
Randy Nickell spoke to a specific council member about the two occasions of offensive language when speaking to the city clerk. The council member apologized. Jay stated the council needs to be better about representing themselves. That they (the council) need to be better about being positive when speaking about city employees. Crystal stated she is embarrassed about how the council acts. There should not be any yelling between council members or any visitors yelling at council members. Jay wants to know if they are going to try to work together. Jay stated if this type of behavior continues the council member should resign instead of the city clerk. Dana stated they (the council) don’t work together as a united council. She also stated she wanted to see things get done around town when she ran for office and that is not happening.
Craig Gooder addressed the council stating he feels he was falsely accused concerning a mowing issue.
Dana made the motion to approve resolution 2015-5 Nicholas Rowland tax abatement with second by Duane. Motion carried 5-0.
Police dept-Harley Haven is having an event July 18. Jeff recommended to the owners that they hire their own security. The county would also be available for any issues. Dana says there is a concern for a non-resident leaving a trailer parked on Short St. Also, there have been some children standing/playing in the street on E Shaw, not allowing vehicles to pass and this is a dangerous situation.
Streets-Thursday June 25 Dana received numerous complaints from residents about cleanup after the storm. There was discussion about what culverts are the responsibility of the city and those that are the responsibility of the property owner. Ed will talk to Larry and figure out what culverts need cleaned out that are the responsibility of the city.
The drainage grate at Harley Haven needs fixed before their July 18 event. Dana will call Scott McGee and let him know that we will find someone else to fix the grate since he is so busy with other work. The Mayor will call other contractors. There are many complaints about potholes. The Mayor will talk with Larry about getting potholes fixed and report back at the next meeting. Council says to fix the largest and worst potholes first. If weather is not conducive to fixing potholes, then work on cleaning out culverts and ditches that are the most urgent.
Water/Wastewater- Iowa Department of Ag-Division of Soil Conservation. South Central IA Cedar Creek Watershed Management Authority wants the city to enter into a 28E agreement. Dana will call Linda Schumate to get a clearer idea of what exactly the city would be joining. The council has too many questions to feel comfortable about making the motion to join now.
A leak has been reported a leak at a residents meter pit. Larry tested the water twice. The first time is showed a trace of chlorine and second time it showed no chlorine.
Jay hears complaints that the city looks worse than it has in years. Also, it is felt that Larry takes too long mowing. There was discussion about how long it takes to mow the city properties. The Mayor stated that just the lagoon mowing takes approximately 3 hours.
The council asked how long it takes to do the Water and Wastewater tests per day. Duane responded that the water/wastewater testing takes about 60 minutes per day. The Thursday tests add another 50 minutes. Jay stated the w/ww tests per week take up almost one whole day out of the employee’s work week at 6-7 hours per week.
The council would like Larry to document by list, what he gets done every day.
Dana made the motion with second by Jay to hire someone PT to mow, spray and do weed eating for approximately 10 hours per week at $10/hour with the possibility of helping in other areas later on as needed. Motion carried 5-0. The city clerk will put the ad in the Chariton paper to run July 9 and July 14. Applications can be picked up at city hall. Completed applications are due back to city hall by July 17.
At 9:30pm Duane made motion to continue past 9pm with second by Susan. Motion carried 5-0.
Old business-table the issue addressing owners to clean up after their horses when riding in town.
Jay made the motion with second by Duane to ask the city attorney to do a title search for a warranty deed and letter of intent from the owners with a notarized statement that they can’t back out. Motion carried 5-0. The Mayor will contact Ray Meyer about this request.
New business-none.
On a motion by Dana with second by Crystal the meeting was adjourned at 9:55pm.
The next meeting will be on Monday August 3, 2015 at 7pm.

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