Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Russell City Council Minutes

City of Russell
Council Meeting
September 12, 2016 7pm
Mayor, Duane Bedford called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Council members present were Chris Feehan,  Corey Paige, Casey DeHoedt, and Jay Pierschbacher.  Also present was Jim Larrington from Russell maintenance department.
The past minutes were read and approved; Chris made motion to approve and seconded by Jay.      Motion carried 5-0.
Income and expense reports were reviewed.   Chris motioned to approve reports and Corey seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.
Chris Feehan reported for the fire department.  The fire dept. needs a dumpster for fall festival and requested that the City pay for half the cost.  Kris will call Country Trash for the dumpster.  Jay motioned to cover half the cost, Casey seconded it.  Motion carried 5-0.
Chris asked Jim Larrington to trim trees around band stand park before fall festival.  Jim checked electrical locations in park.  Chris stated that fire dept. will wash down streets for festival.
Jim reported for streets and said he has cold patched East Smith Street to east of school.  Jim is making list of streets needing worked on.  Jim is looking for a product to preserve the asphalt.  The cost for cold patch is $560 per 8 ton.  Jay stated we should concentrate on streets now that the sewer project is done.
Jim suggested putting ditches in on south side of Smith Street.  Jay was concerned about damage to homeowner ditches because of past experience with ditch work.
Duane discussed Prairie Street project.  A 66” diameter culvert is needed and the road will need cut out and replaced.  The culvert costs are approx. $7000 plus approx. $1500 for culvert components.  Labor, concrete,  and other costs could be approx. $6000.  The County will help with some of the labor.
Water/wastewater testing reports were done and submitted to DNR for August.
Discussion on curb boxes (water shutoffs).  Mo has a list of bad meters and boxes.  Duane stated that people who are supposed to be shut off due to nonpayment should get a re-connect fee even if we are unable to turn water off.
Council discussed Jim’s insurance.  Kris will give Farm Bureau information they need to get policy going.
The Vredenburg Foundation turned us down on grant request for Trojan Field.  Casey wants to continue to try for grants in the future.
Duane stated that he got the door fixed on the truck at John’s Auto body.
Community Building roof project – Corey stated steel prices for roofing material went up $200 in the last few months.  Corey suggested that we tear off old roofing.  There was discussion to have Council members and volunteers to do the tear off and using the dump truck to dispose of old material.  Harry Reed got the bid for installing metal roof.
Casey asked about signs for the tennis court.  Duane stated he had the plywood and will be getting signs up shortly.  Jim stated that we need to concrete some area around courts to stop mud from getting on courts.
Casey asked about a new snow blade for truck.  Chris is looking for an 8 foot V blade and stated that Bruce Smith will put in on truck for approx. $300.  Chris will continue to check on pricing and call Council members with information.
Council discussed the siren and whether or not to continue to run the siren at noon.  Duane will check on an insurance claim for the siren work.
Jay motioned to have Kris Wilkins put on the checking account and have Mo’s name be removed.  Corey seconded it.  Motion carried.
There was a vehicle accident to city property on September 8.  We will get an estimate of damage from Hirschy Landscaping and get back with Progressive Insurance Company.
Jay stated that Scott Bear would like to rent pasture around lagoon area.  Chris motioned to rent pasture to Scott for 5 years for $1000.  Corey seconded and motion carried 5-0.
The Annual Street Report was reviewed and approved.  Casey motioned to approve and Jay seconded it.  Motion carried 5-0.
The next Council meeting will be held on Monday, October 3, 2016.
Casey made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50pm and Corey seconded.  Motion passed 5-0.

___________________________                                                             __________________________
Mayor, Duane Bedford                                                                                Clerk, Kris Wilkins

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