Friday, November 26, 2010

Russell History Book

    A Russell History Book is in the making.  Volunteers have been working very hard to put this book into publication.

    Requests have been made to you for memories and stories about family, businesses, school memories in and surrounding Russell, including all of Washington Township.  Many pages have been put together already and the book is gradually beginning to come together.   These requests have appeared in newspapers, in the Copy Plus flyer and anywhere else we have been able to think of.  We are hoping this Blog will help reach out to residents that have left the Russell area.  If you have any other ideas where we can reach out to, please let us know.

    Our goal is to have the book ready by Christmas.  A few questions need to be answered by you, the ones who will read and cherish these memories.

1.    Would you like it to be a comb-bound book (which we can do right here in our building)?  This would be the least expensive way to go.

2.    Would you be willing to pay $25 more for a hard-bound book that we can do locally?

3.    A professionally printed book that would come with a pre-publication price that would be paid up front, is another suggestion.  Does this sound like what you would want?  With this kind of publication, the price would be higher if the book is purchased after publication.  A publisher has not been contacted yet, so a price is unknown, but it will be much higher than the other two suggestions.

    The submissions need not be confined to Russell - remember the working title includes "Our Neighbors."  That includes Washington Township and the country schools that ended up in the Russell School District. 

      How many pages should there be in the book?  Well, in order to let everyone that is interested be able to submit there story, we would appreciate it if you could limit it to one and a half pages, single-spaced typing.  We realize some stories can not be told in one and a half pages, so don't worry if yours runs a little longer.  An entire family history, of many pages, would not be feasible.  Summarize the all-the-way-back stuff or split it into separate stories about different ancestors.  Pictures with your stories are welcome.  It will make the book more personal for you and for the others who will be reading it.  3 pictures would be a suggested amount.  The story we're doing about the Russell School already has more than 3 in it and we can't insist you limit the number if we are not doing the same. 

      You can send your articles by regular mail or by e-mail.  Whichever is easiest for  you.  Our e-mail address is  (  The post office address is  P O Box 414  Russell, IA  50238.  E-mail helps prevent errors because the material is transferred to the book page with fewer errors.

      Deadline?  It appears the word is just starting to get around and we want to give it plenty of time.  The original deadline of November 1, 2010 has passed, but you can contact us through the addresses listed at the bottom of this page to see if a late entry would be accepted.

      Let us know what questions or concerns you have.  Please!

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