Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lucas County Businesses Donate Toward Building Expansion

Wanda Liddell and Larry Davis
These pictures and the articles (by Bill Howes) appeared in the Chariton Leader on December 14, 2010

$1,000 check donation to the Russell Historical Society
Earlier this fall, the Chariton Arts and Recreation Board, which is the board for the Vision II Theater, made a $1,000 donation to the Russell Historical Society to go towards the building expansion of the Russell Historical Society Museum.  Presenting the check on the right is Chariton Arts and Recreation Board member, Larry Davis, and accepting on the left is Wanda Liddell, the president of the Russell Historical Society Board of Directors.
Bancorp Foundation Makes Donation 
to the Russell Historical Society 
The U.S. Bancorp Foundation made a $500 donation to the Russell Historical Society on December 10.  The money donated will be used towards the Russell Historical Society Museum's building expansion.
Wanda Liddell and Bob Stump

Chariton US Bank Branch Manager, Bob Stump, presented the check on behalf of U.S. Bancorp Foundation to Wanda Liddell, the President of the Russell Historical Society Board of Directors.

For the expansion, a new 30 ft. x 70 ft. building has been built, which will be the Russell Historical Museum.  The new building is attached to the existing building, which will house the Russell Library.  The existing building is 30 ft. x 50 ft.

Liddell said that so far $5,000 has been raised for the new museum building from fundraisers and grants.  The Russell Historical Society has held a lot of fundraisers to raise the money they have so far.  "We'll probably have a lot more fundraisers over the next year.  We'll also try to have a new membership drive," Liddell said. 

The outside portion of the new building is done.  The inside walls and ceiling still need to be sprayed and painted and Liddell said that they have close to 3,000 items that need to be displayed.  "We have a lot of display items, but we need mounts and cases to display them on and in," she said.

The new museum will house different sections including a school section, music section, and military section.  There will also be a quilting frame set up for a quilting display.

One item that will be displayed is a full-sized 1936 tractor.  Another item is the Russell Oil original horse drawn tank wagon.

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