Monday, December 20, 2010

Outside Christmas Decoration Awards

There weren't as many decorated homes in Russell this year or not everyone had their lights turned on when I was out doing the judging.  The ones I did see were very pretty and that made it hard to decide on a winner.  Blue lights and white lights seemed to be the most popular; although many used the old traditional multicolored lights.  

Congratulations, Duane and Cindy Bedford, you are the 2010 Russell Wayside Garden Club winners of the Best Outside Christmas Decorations.  Their home sits back off the main streets in Russell, but it is worth finding.  It is a block south of the Russell School building.

Be sure to drive through town and enjoy all the pretty decorations.  Marilyn and Butch Evans have a beautiful display all in blue lights.  Also take a look at the home at 515 W. Stanton; very pretty with all white lights.  And of course Ron Hoover's home on W. Ames St. is beautiful, as it always is every year. 

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