Thursday, June 6, 2013

Historical Society Property Improvements

The Russell Historical Society is again making efforts to improve the looks of the community.  Have you noticed the improvements being done to the sidewalk area of the Museum at the corner of Prairie and Shaw Streets?  They started digging out and removing the old sidewalks and the driveway and hauling the cement chunks away on Sunday June 2nd.  The rain has been giving them some trouble, but they have gradually begun to get the forms placed.  They will continue to adjust them and do some more excavation to get it up to grade.  There will be a walkway leading up to a 7 x 10 area at the corner of the building by the Memorial Board for the picnic table, a  large driveway approach to the garage door, along with handicapped accessibility at the street corner and to the building.  Plus new sidewalks in front of the museum and around the corner.  With the addition of new sidewalks at Beaty Insurance and the Museum's new sidewalks, the corner of Prairie and Shaw will look really nice.

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