Sunday, June 16, 2013

Russell City Council Meeting June 10th

Council members present were Ed Scheel, Mayor; Duane Bedford, Jeremy Blue, Jay Pierschbacher and Wayne Riggs, Councilmen.
Also attending were:  Wendy Nickell, City Clerk; City employee, Larry Mitchell; Visitors: Craig Gooder, Larry Templeton, Steve Pollard and Joe White.

Approval was given to close part of Short Street for an event at Harley Haven June 22.  Harley Haven will be having another event July 19 and that approval is yet to be granted.
A resident needs a culvert replaced in his driveway.  Resident has to purchase the culvert and the city will put it in.
Steve Pollard requests the water be turned on at 409 S. Prairie.  City employee Larry Mitchell will install a meter at the site.
Joe White requested an explanation about the open area behind his home.  The Mayor explained that the area behind his home is not an alley and never has been.
Larry Mitchell continues to work on repairs to the streets.
Repair needs to be done to a tube in the alley and adjoining properties to the north on the corner of Ames and Main.
Larry will check on prices for two tires for the dump truck.
The next meeting will be on Monday July 1 at 7 p.m.
Reminder:  The Trojan Campground at the old football field is now open for your use.  Self-explanatory directions are available at the entrance.

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