Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 8, 2015 City Council Minutes

October 8, 2015
City of Russell
Council minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6pm with Mayor Ed Scheel, Council included Jay Pierschbacher, Duane Bedford, Dana Blue and Susan Beecher. Crystal Moore was absent. Notice date and time change due to not having sufficient Council Members present for the meeting scheduled on Monday, October 5, 2015. Mayor Ed Scheel and Councilman Duane Bedford were present for that meeting that had to be rescheduled.

Visitors present were Craig Gooder and Cody Carroll.

Also present for the scheduled meeting on Monday, October 5, 2015 were Ryan Atwell and Brian Beaty.

Previous meetings minutes were approved by Jay second by Dana. Motion carried.

Income & Expenses were approved with motion made by Duane second by Dana. Motion carried.

Beggar’s night was approved for October 31, 2015 from 6-8 pm. Motion made by Jay second by Dana. Motion carried.

Approve City Clerk to go to Data Tech training October 21st. Motion made by Jay second by Dana. Motion carried.

Approve City Employee Larry Mitchell for his three added holidays. Motion made by Duane second by Jay. Opposed Dana and Susan. Mayor Ed Scheel made final vote in favor of this motion.

Approve Annual Financial Report 2015 motion made by Duane second by Susan. Motion carried. Susan asked about the $519 revenue that was recorded on the report as well as if the beginning totals from last year were accurate according to last year’s annual financial report. City Clerk instructed the council that when the report was completed that Wendy and I the Clerk were instructed by Ted Nellesen from the State Auditor’s office that this report was accurate and complete.

Craig Gooder was here to talk to the council about the property on Smith St., Ray Meyer did a title opinion on this property. This was presented to the council read aloud by Jay Pierschbacher in its entirety. Jay would like more information to have title to property clear of liens. Jay is going to talk with Gooder also addressed the council about junk in the city; he contacted the ADLM to acquire moreRay Meyer to see how to proceed. This item has been tabled until next meeting.

Craig information about this topic and will proceed.

Police Department – no new business.

Fire Department-Truck at the city shed that the Fire Department would like to sell with the council’s approval. Motion made by Duane second by Jay. Motion carried.

Street Department - no new business.

Water/Wastewater-smoke testing was conducted October 7, 2015. Ed said 90% of the town was completed.

Motion to approve by Jay second by Dana.

Old Business- Mr. Bingham gave a bid for the replacement of the sign at the highway with a bid of $300 to replace the sign. He also suggested a ¾ MDO board with a bid starting at $600. The council asked about having the already purchased material possibly attached to the ¾ MDO board to avoid further damage to the sign.

Susan asked about the water leak on Jim Neer’s property, Ed said Larry has tested the water twice and Larry is supposed to pull the meter. Jay asked about Scott Bear’s property Ed said there is no meter on the property.

New Business-Crystal Moore’s residency status was asked about by Mayor Ed Scheel, Dana said she did not know she felt that there was some of her remaining things were still at her home in Russell however she has changed her address to Knoxville, IA.

Meeting called to Adjourn by Mayor Ed Scheel motion made by Dana, Susan seconded at 7:14 pm.

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