Wednesday, June 15, 2016

City Council Meeting

Council Meeting
June 6, 2016
Chris Feehan, mayor pro-tem called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. Present were council members, Casey DeHoedt and Terry Newcomb. Also present was Larry Mitchell, Craig Alexander, Ken & Deb Mason,  Austin Smith and Mark Fincel from Garden & Associates. Council member Jay Pierschbacher arrived at 7:10pm. Absent were council member Corey Paige and Mayor Duane Bedford.
The minutes from the last council meeting were reviewed and approved by Terry and seconded by Casey. Motion carried 3-0.
Deb Mason spoke about her concern of the Russell Community Club coming to an end and what the possible outcome would be of the campground if that happens. She wanted to know if the club disbanded, would the city want the campground. There was discussion of mowing it and what the city would use it for if they did acquire it. It was decided to table this discussion until the next council meeting. The club would continue to be responsible for keeping it mowed in the meantime.
Austin and Mark of Garden & Associates went over the past year of the wastewater department compliance schedule starting with February 2015. They reported on the plan to meet the compliance schedule. The city awarded the cleaning and televising work to Hydro-Klean in April and in May, Hydro-Klean completed the job and will be sending reports to the city soon.  Garden & Associates will help with a grant once it is determined how the city will move forward to meet the compliance schedule.
The income and expense report was reviewed. It was approved by Casey and seconded by Terry. Motion carried 4-0.
Craig reported that the fire department has approved one new member, Taylor Feehan. Taylor was approved to be a new fireman by Terry and seconded by Casey. Motion carried 4-0.
Jeff was absent for the police report but he left a message regarding the property on Ames street owned by Rick Braaksma. He has talked to Rick about this property and Rick is working on getting it cleaned up.
The repair of South Prairie was discussed from the street department.
Larry mentioned that the water department was averaging 8000 gallons less usage per day. It will show higher this month due to the sewer cleaning project.  A meter for a hydrant was discussed and Larry will investigate the cost to purchase one.
Regarding old business, there were no bids for mowing the hay ground around the lagoon.  It was decided rent the ground for one time seasonal usage for a fee. This was approved by Terry and seconded by Casey. Motion passed 4-0.
New business was regarding the scheduling of the July council meeting since the first Monday is a holiday. It was decided to move it to July 11th. Approved by Jay and seconded by Terry.  There was discussion regarding a loan payment to Great Western and it was decided to pay the annual interest payment only for now until the city know what the cost will be for the sewer compliance job. There was discussion on ideas for the Vredenburg grant that has an August 1st deadline. A fitness area with a walking path, playground and Frisbee golf discussed as was a shelter house or bandstand  in the main park. Terry will check on the cost to build a new structure in the park. Larry mentioned that a picnic table at the community building was damaged. He will check into repairing it. There was discussion regarding trimming some trees in town and calling “DIG” before building new structures.
Casey made a motion to adjourn at 8:47 pm and Terry seconded. Motion approved 4-0. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be July 11th at 7pm. A special council meeting made be held the end of June with Garden & Associates to meet the wastewater compliance schedule.

Chris Feehan, Mayor Pro-Tem

Mo White, City clerk

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