Thursday, September 8, 2011

State Convention for Firemen

September 7-10, the Russell Firemen competed in the Firemen's State Convention in Montecello.  If you haven't noticed, these men have been practicing almost every evening for this event.  Their hard work payed off at this competition. 
Russell Firemen came home with third place overall from the State Convention in Monticello.  The Firemen began their training in July. 

Competition was tough but they prevailed.  Besides the third overall, they won two second place trophies and three third place ones.

Second place on the Thief Drill went to Jim Neer, Jeff Neer, Corey Paige and Brian Beaty.

Second place on Replacing Section of Hose went to Chad Phippen, Rick Krutsinger, Jeff Neer and Scott Bingham.

Third place on Replacing Section of Hose went to Jim Neer, Steve Neer, Todd Atwell and Craig Alexander.

Third place in Extending Hydrant Line went to Chad Phippen, Corey Paige and Steve Neer.

Third Place in Advanced Leader Line went to Chris Feehan, Jeff Neer and Todd Atwell.

Russell appreciates their dedication to duty and loving care they provide our community.  Thank You and Congratulations.

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