Thursday, September 22, 2011

Russell's Wayside Garden Club

Russell's Wayside Garden Club meets eight times a year, April through July, September through December.  No meetings are held January through March due to weather conditions and no meeting is held in August due to the State Fair.  This organization has been meeting since the mid-1930's.  Our membership is not large, and we would like to invite anyone who is interested in gardening and flowers to join us, even if you don't live in Russell.  Meetings are held in different members homes and a couple of times a year we have an outing and have lunch at nearby restaurants.  In July we have a picnic in one of the parks in Russell.  Everyone has a great time at the meetings, catching up on lives and different interests with our yards and gardens.  We have one "Master Gardener" in our group and she keeps us updated on any new happenings with plants and flowers.
The sign and pretty flowers at the entrance to town were placed there by this organization, but this area is now maintained by the sorority girls in town and the city does the mowing. 

The Yard of the Month award is done June through September to someone who has taken special interest in showing off their expertise in gardening and lawn care.  A sign is posted in the winner's yard to show their yard is special and it remains in their yard for one month.  The award might be for the prettiest flowers, the neatest lawn, the most unique yard or the most improved yard.  At Christmas time a monetary award is given to the best outside Christmas display.  For a small town there are lots of beautifully decorated houses and lawn displays.  

If you are interested in joining us, you may call 1-641-203-6139 for more information.   Our next meeting, October 4th, will be held at Martha Allen's home on Transformer Road.  Her fall Chrysanthemums are beautiful.  We would love to have you come to one of our meetings to check us out.  

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