Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Judi Wright Retires After 43 Years with Farm Bureau

This article appeared in the October 4, 2011 Chariton Leader, written by Bill Howes.

Judi Wright has been a positive constant with the Lucas County Farm Bureau while other people change professions more often than farmers rotate their crops. 

An Open House was held for Judy on Monday, October 10, from 4-6 at the Lucas County Farm Bureau office.  

Judy began working for both the Lucas County Farm Bureau and the Farm Bureau Insurance in August 1971.  Four years ago she began working for Lucas County Farm Bureau only.

Judi and her husband, Jim, live on a farm northeast of Russell.  It's a century farm that's existed well over 100 years and it's where Jim was born and raised.  They had purchased the farm from Jim's folks and they live in the house that Jim's grandfather built.  They have lived there for 44 years.

Jim was a farmer and is mostly retired now.  He still does farming chores and helps out his son, Gene, as needed.  Gene has hay and cattle and also runs his own carpet cleaning business called "On the Spot Floor Care".  Gene and his wife, Paula (she is the superintendent of Chariton Schools), live just a mile and a half down the road from Jim and Judi.  They have three children,  Alison, Ashley and Alex.

Jim currently mows lawns for the Chariton school district.  He was a county supervisor for Lucas County for 18 years and after retiring from that he has worked for the school district.  When Jim farmed he farmed cattle, corn, beans and hay.  He and Judi rent all their farmland out now, which consists of 200 acres.  They both have a "green thumb" and love to garden.

Judi says she has seen many changes since she started in 1971.  She says she has had the opportunity to work with the greatest people in Lucas County.  She thanks the Farm Bureau for keeping her around so long.  She says it's been a pleasure to work for such an outstanding farm organization these past 40-plus years.

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