Thursday, October 20, 2011

Russell Recycle Bin Rules


We are in danger of losing the recyle bin in Russell.  It's a shame that some abusers are going to take the bin away from the Russell residents who care enough to recycle.  The rules for this bin are posted on a large sign situated behind the bin.  It is very clear what articles can be placed in the bin.  Sadly, Russell has the reputation as being the worst offender for placing unacceptable items into it.  The hauler of the bin must dispose of all items that are not acceptable and at times has come back with a pick-up full of items (our garbage) that were not accepted, including all of the plastic grocery bags (Hy-Vee, Walmart, or black garbage bags) that were not supposed to be put in the bin.  Let's do our job and make it easier for him.  The trailer is unloaded from the bottom and then sorted by hand. 

The purpose of recycling is to lessen the load on landfills. Why place it in your garbage can when with a little effort on our part, we can see that some items can be separated to be recycled.  If the abuse continues, he will either remove the bin or start charging to have it in Russell.  ABUSERS, Please stop your uncaring actions.  Thank you to the users who are so considerate.

The red sign behind the recycle bin states the following:

1.  Place items in the proper bin, nothing on the ground.  If it doesn't fit, it doesn't get recycled.
2.  Use both sides of the trailer for space.
3.  Rinse and empty containers - clean items only.
4.  Take all items out of the plastic grocery bags, note the message about plastic bags.
5.  Acceptable plastic is - Plastic food, beverage and detergent containers ONLY!  Flatten the containers so there is room for more.  No Plastic toys, or pesticide, herbicide or chemical containers.
6.  Glass -  Nothing but container glass, glass bottles and jars only, no light bulbs or window glass.
7.  Tin and Aluminum - All tin and aluminum cans (crush if possible), foil and tin pie plates, lids from glass jars are acceptable.
8.  Paper Products - Newspapers, magazines, and phone books, cardboard boxes (flattened), Clean paper only.  No waxed or coated paper.

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