Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sims-God Bless America

The next time you are in the 100 block of West Ames Street in Russell, you might notice on the Lowell Sims Property the beautiful American flag flying on the north end of their metal building.  When Lowell put up this building a couple of years ago, he wanted something painted on the building, so he hired Ron Bingham to go to work.  This project isn't complete yet.  Next summer Lowell would like to have something painted on the building about firemen, police, or different branches of the Military.  A farm scene would be another possibility.

This is something we can keep watching for when the snow is melting and summer is approaching.  Lowell and Ron's minds will be working on this project this winter, trying to come up with the right pictures.

(See if you can spot the bird-house).

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